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Author Topic: The Pum (Tyrene)  (Read 401 times)
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« on: October 21, 2021, 10:45:27 PM »

The Pum are a simple folk found in primarily in Tyrene.  They tend to live in small rustic farming communities of around thirty families.    Once a community starts to get too large, Pum, typically the unmarried, seem to naturally set off to join new communities or found their own.    At the end of every harvest season there is a major gathering of Pum for Erntedankfest, to celebrate the harvest of the year and also trade for goods and arrange marriages.     A Pum community is usually led by a Church Minister or is elected from the community at beginning of Winter to begin preparations for the next years planting season.    The Pum are known for their special pumpkin cider that is tapped from the strange Pumpkits, which are living pumpkin live stock that the Pum tap for the cider, and Pum settlements in the more tropical colonial holdings of Tyrene produce special pumpkin flavored coffee.      

Pum communities tend to not have any electricity due to their rural nature, and electrification projects have been often been denied by the Pum preferring their simple lifestyles and traditions.       The communities tend to have one motor vehicle, if any at all, for transporting produce to other towns to sell or bring back goods to the community.    These trips are also done with livestock driven wagons or carts as well.  

It is rare for The Pum to work metal, preferring to either buy or use alternative materials.      
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