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Author Topic: Reunion Tour  (Read 451 times)
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« on: December 26, 2021, 06:11:47 AM »

Far from the Last City and just beyond the Tower ramparts lay a valley. In earlier days it was a peaceful expanse, quietly healing from the damage done by the Red War. Twilight Gap is not far from here. In more recent months, it is now the resting place of what remains of one of the Cabal’s frivolous doomsday weapons – once called “The Almighty”.

It is not seen as a graveyard to all, however.

In a secluded little spot is a lake well-concealed by evergreens and superweapon wreckage. Before the Dominus’ blitzkrieg and Aurash’s fit of revengeance, it was a hideaway for Tala and Renato Dorian; not so much these days.

A utilitarian-looking jumpship breaks the serenity as it banks into a novice-level landing. Shortly after the engines whine down and the docking ramp lowers, the lovesick Titan steps onto freshly fallen snow. His Ghost materializes over his shoulder and imparts a jovial but well-meaning remark in a frantic, nasally accent. Renato Dorian humours the indignant little drone with a huff as he sets off.

Renato Dorian scans the lake, locked in a memory he can’t quite remember as well as he used to. Was he teaching Tala to skate during that one Dawning, or was she teaching him? Whatever the case, it resulted in them both piling over the other on the ice, making light of their ineptitude.

He smiles at this.

A partially collapsed yurt catches his attention next and he shivers; he misses the insulation in his armour already, beginning to regret his casual wear. Nevertheless, the undying Traveller-spawn soldiers on to the dilapidated structure. He kneels, sliding the dirt-covered door open and dragging a chest from the inside.


The cache opens and Renato Dorian exchanges the spoiled confectionary with a new batch of Tala’s favourite pastries, a chunk of glimmer, a bluebell Bond, and what is either the solar system’s smallest rifle or its largest pistol.

Satisfied, Renato Dorian puts the box away and pulls the door closed. He returns to the edge of the lake a final time to think about the first. His recollection is interrupted by the faulty Ghost – one that managed to birth a Guardian from the ashes of another, not unlike the ancient Earth firebird; something to revisit later.

A message from Gambol. It must be important, considering how quickly Renato Dorian’s smile inverted. For all of his effort – his begrudging attempts to leave her where she lay – he simply can’t. His Ghost disappears in his palm and Renato Dorian takes one lasting look at the lake as if it were his last.

Who’s to say it's not, really?

Renato Dorian is not difficult to read, though I suspect he doesn’t try to be. I know this even though our visit lasted a mere seven seconds. He didn't say a word -- nor did he need to.

As he stared up at my crystalline cocoon with a battered, grim-faced burgundy helmet tucked under his dominant arm wondering what I had planned for his precious little love... I learned everything there was to know about him.
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