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Author Topic: Allison Vane  (Read 295 times)
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Full name: Vane, Allison K.
Gender: F
Age: 27 –(b. 06/06/28)
Height: 5' 2'' (157 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs. (81 kg.)

Service number: 25529-52180-AV
Enlistment date: 08/10/46
Homeworld: Reach
Occupation: Apprentice

  • Specialist (formerly)
  • Motor Pool Sergeant (formerly)
  • Spartan
  • Fireteam November (2552)
  • Fireteam Dagger (2558-present)

Equipment: GEN2 MJOLNIR PAA is a mixture of the Technician and Helljumper variant.

In spite of being born on one of the UNSC's most secure military worlds, Allison was not dealt the best hand. Born with "Osteogenesis Imperfecta" -- more commonly referred to as brittle bone disease, Allison's parents suspected a lifetime of special care and introversion. To their surprise, Allison refused to let her disability get the better of her, and was voluntarily subject to experimental implants which allowed her more freedom of movement. After graduating high school, Allison apprenticed on an oil tanker with her aunt, and later followed her into the motor pool when she was drafted by the UNSC.

Once of age, Allison was also drafted into service; Her implants gave her an edge and enhanced her strength to that on par with some of the most well built shock troopers. Vane's specialty was as a mechanical specialist, but her fondness of heavy weaponry put her in the field more often than the garage. Come the Fall of Reach, Vane was overseeing civilian evacuations when her position was overwhelmed by Jiralhanae kill squads. She was rescued by a wandering Spartan team and evacuated to the Pillar of Autumn, where she would go on to join Fireteam November. Lucky enough to escape the ring before it was destroyed, Vane was recovered alongside the surviving members of the team.

By the Battle of Earth, Vane was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to supervise various motor pools until eventually finding her way to the Crow's Nest in 2553. As per her survival of the first Halo ring and her expertise with heavy machinery and weaponry alike, Allison was offered a place amongst the Spartan-IV branch shortly after the First Tour of Requiem.

She didn't hesitate to accept.

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