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Author Topic: Urdnot Att  (Read 940 times)
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« on: May 25, 2021, 02:05:30 AM »

"It's like my mother always said: Shut up."
~Urdnot Att

Species: Krogan
Age: 360; Born 1825 CE on Tuchanka.
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Yellow skintone with red eyes. Red markings on face.
Allegiance: Clan Urdnot, Talons (Formerly)

Class: Engineer
Powers: Sentry Turret, Tech Armour, Carnage
Primary Weapon: N7 Typhoon, M-300 Claymore
Secondary Weapon:
Other Equipment: Krogan Hammer
Armor: Custom Heavy Armour

Personality: Cynical and sarcastic. Surprisingly chill.
Strengths: Commerce, Physical Strength and Resistance, Vehicle Expertise
Weaknesses: Slow Reaction Times, Large Figure

Urdnot Att was once a promising Krogan warrior on the right track to becoming a Warlord of his own caliber. As he aged however, he began to see the fruitlessness of Tuchanka's constant infighting and quickly left his war-torn world in search of structure. He arrived on the colony of Rough Tide in time to find himself caught amongst the race riots between the resident Krogan and Vorcha. He did his best to act as a mediator during that time, turning his maintenance bay into a spot of neutral ground (If only because it did wonders for business.).

Having had enough of the merchant life, Att decided to try his hand at being a bodyguard in an effort to make a quick credit. He was briefly employed by the Talon mercenaries of Omega until they found themselves caught up in a turf war against Aria T'loak. Wiser than most, he bailed, but kept the neat face paint. Afterward, Att found a new life on the Citadel, acting in a fashion similar to the human merchant marines of old for the employ of the major militaries.

After the Geth attack on the station in 2183, whispers of clan Urdnot hoping to unite the Krogan clans caught his attention. As skeptical as Att is about the notion of peace amongst his species, he has recently began establishing lines of commerce to Urdnot-friendly merchants across the stars. If you see him, maybe ask him about the time he drank an N7 soldier under the table; He's always looking to show off his new gun.

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