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Author Topic: Eulogy  (Read 1284 times)
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« on: April 15, 2021, 11:18:53 PM »

Two lone figures stood upon a rocky overlook, peering down into the canyon below. Placed between them was a tall, unremarkable metal container. They had been in silence for some time, which was what they had come for. All to be heard was the sand shifting in the warm breeze and the light flutter of feathers. Neither dared speak because it would begin the end; break the nostalgia. Just a few more minutes in the heat. Just a little more time to remember.

The sun was setting.

"This is what she would want." The son spoke first. His wings were tighter to his back than usual. His eyes were red and fists clenched; resistant.

The daughter swayed, uncomfortable. Her silver hair danced in the wind. She needed a deep breath before speaking, "You're right."

But nothing happened. They ignored the object between them and kept their defiant gaze out over the canyon and the rugged land beyond.

The sun was setting.

It pulled at them like gravity and it was getting stronger and stronger. The daughter's heart stung with inevitability as she turned her body to the container, "What do we say?"

The son turned too, "Whatever we want. There's no politicians, aliens or old warriors here. It's just us now."

His words hung heavy in the air. It dragged the daughter down to the container where she grasped it delicately with both hands, "It's just us now."

The sun was setting.


Her brother looked at her expectantly and she couldn't handle the pressure. She couldn't say the right thing if it was being forced out. Too much of her father in her. She closed her eyes and thought back to quiet moments, soft moments. Just her, and her mum, and her dad. How desperate she was to go back.

"Thank you. You knew I was different, but treated me no different. You let me get dirty, let dad take me up in the 'devil, you let me join the infantry. You let me discover- let me learn my own way..." Her eyes opened, swelling, and tears rolled down her cheek, "I miss dad... and I'm gonna miss you."

The sun was setting.

The container exchanged hands.

"Mother..." the son looked down and felt his stoicism faulter. He wanted to make a grand speech on behalf of their race- their dying people. Give the Uriel of Avalon justice as demanded by his  title; to honor their legacy. But his title and wings were simply inherited. It didn't make him who he was. It was his mother who made him Seraphall. His father made him Human. This moment was for them; their last.

"I want you to know... we will be alright. You and father raised us well- taught us everything..." his words cracked as the truth teetered on his heart, "I... don't want you to go. I didn't want father to go... I love you both so much. But now, finally, you can be together."

The sun was setting.

With both pairs of hands clasped around the container, they stepped closer to the edge of the canyon. A blood-red glow bathed the landscape as the ashes of Elyse de Rokela scattered into the wind, joining her husband and their father, Michael. Sevvania was where she felt true love and freedom for the first time- it was their home. It was their resting place.

The impossible pairing of grief and relief was overwhelming for the son, who dropped to his knees and unleashed centuries worth of emotion. A hardened, callused hand took a comforting grip of the back of his neck. The siblings mourned their mother and father.

And they cried for each other.

The sun had set.
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