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Author Topic: Soll'Rah of Olde  (Read 2198 times)
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« on: August 13, 2013, 03:00:01 AM »

Still under construction

"We will not attack another nation.
We will not allow our nation to be destroyed.
We will not assist one nation in the annihilation of another."

-Soll'Rah's traditional mantra.

There are a lot of stories about Soll'Rah. Stories of happy times, victories, legendary figures, and most notably, conflict.

It is a time of unrest within Soll'Rahn borders; With the recent establishment of the Perseph Hold comes new potential threats, and the people of the nation
hold reasonable concern that this quick expansion has spread the armies of Soll'Rah too thin to counter against any threats that loom over them.

"There is a great shift in the balance of the world. I have seen it." Predicts the Lord and Master of Soll'Rah, Pierric Aono. "But rest assured, my
dearest citizens, that we are in the good graces of this change. We are Soll'Rahn, and we never shy away from change. We
embrace it."

Pierric now marches North for the furthest borders of Soll'Rah, his son Otho alongside him. From there it is their intent to establish a presence on the mainland south of the
Ori Territories. But aware, they are not, of the trials ahead, and most certainly not, of the rumours of a new civilization that has found their own way to their planet...

* * * * * * *

Motto: "Peace and providence."
Religion(s): Polytheistic; Worship of a Soll'Rahn pantheon.
Founding: 7 BDC (Before Demonic Contact)
•Non-Native Races
Demonym: Soll'Rahn
Population: 266,100,034
Currency: Soll'Rahn Piece (sP)

Capital: Aura Keep
Largest City: Opportunity
Government: Monarchy
Geographic Location: Australasian Continent.

Economy: Unregulated; Based primarily on agriculture, trade, and services, with little industrial activity.
Natural Resources:
Exports: None.

Allies: Avalon, Airevon
Diplomacy Status: Open

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