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Author Topic: Avalon  (Read 3159 times)
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Still under construction

Race(s): Seraphall
Government: Patriarchy, Council of Fathers
Economy: Weak but recovering
Exports: Soil, precious metals, stone

Allies: Soll'Rah
Diplomacy Status: Neutral

Capital: Abaddon
Largest City: Abaddon
Terrain: Mountainous, coastal
Geographic Location: Eastern Russia
Regions: Faith of the Old Gods


It is an age of uncertainty for the Seraphall. But it is also one of recovery. The country is still in the process of healing since the Wartime, which occurred almost a millennia ago. The population has dwindled, but remained self-sufficient as the world passed them by. The Council of Fathers has, for the most part, been entirely silent since their victory. What technological feats remained became dormant and eventually useless, as no one with the resources or knowledge remained (or wanted) to upkeep them.

But as new generations, travelers and commerce return to the land, a cautious optimism is felt by most throughout Avalon. Including the Fathers. As a result, the first Uriel since the Wartime has been appointed. But his influence will not go unchallenged. Various houses with different names, different claims, have risen throughout Avalon, all seeking to unify- but on their own terms.

The new Uriel is tasked with bringing the Seraphall back together in a new world.

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