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Author Topic: Tala  (Read 6046 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 26, 2021, 08:13:45 PM »

"Don't you see!? Everything you touch dies!"

Tala stood alone on the landing pad of the monastery with an echo in her ear. She had hoped Del would be beside her, or at least Cami to greet her, but there was no one.

Each step forward felt uncertain but she couldn't detect why. She did exactly what she set out to do- stop McManus and put him behind her for good. Why did she feel this way? She should be proud or at the very least happy. Why was there an emptiness?

Pushing through the entrance she was reminded of Cami and Del's meeting- seeing him again for the first time in months. She couldn't help but smile then... but not now. Her bandaged, crippled hand began to burn.

The doors slowly shut, blocking out the ambiance of the Dreaming City and leaving her in silence. Not a sound to be heard in the halls of the monastery, not even her own footsteps. Just that echo- the soft tone singing to her.

She wandered, but somehow not aimlessly, as she tried to see into her clouded mind. Dreams of the future and nightmares of the past were colliding to create a strange sense of numbness.

It felt like hours passed before Tala was broken from her trance. Her feet were tired and she was a little out of breath. A small bench was close by so she sat. 

She looked down and opened her palm for her Ghost. Maybe he would have something uplifting to say. But instead they wordlessly looked at each other before he fizzled away.

Maybe she'd feel better if she removed her helmet. Placing it in her lap- she took a deep breath. The air was thin and tasteless. Unrewarding.

Feeling heavy, she lowered her head and shut her eyes.

[What's the matter?]

Tala pondered the question with her eyes still shut. Her bandaged hand ached.

[You can tell me.]

She opened her mouth to speak but words weren't forming. She could only let out a dull yet aching sigh.

[The mission to Europa was a success. You stopped McManus without killing him. I'm impressed, and glad.]

Tala nodded, slowly.

[Did you want to kill him?]

Tala shook her head, slowly.

[No, of course not. You are not like him. No matter how desperately he wanted you to be.]

Her head lifted slightly.

[Yet something still bothers you.]

She ran a finger around her helmets visor.

[Oh. I see. Your bleeding heart.]

Her eyes opened. Her helmets visor reflected a disappointed expression.

[Classic Tala- never thinking too far ahead.]

She starred deep into her own eyes.

[Take my advice- let Delmar-3 return to his bunker and keep Renato Dorian in his tower. That way you can focus on what's really important.]

Tala's head stayed down but she glared upwards. She was finally starting to feel something again, but it wasn't earned.

[Ah, there she is. I was beginning to worry those silly old bones had gotten to you. Tell me- what did you wish for?]

Enraged, Tala shot up and her helmet went on. 

[Hope it was worth it... O Guardian Mine.]

Her eyes opened again. Still in the monetary, still on the bench, still alone.

But now angry.
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« Reply #16 on: February 28, 2022, 11:47:39 PM »

Cosmic backroads retread; witches summoned from hiding.
Gods writhing from insolence; the clawed hand is biding.

A Queen's vengeance simmers; an exorcism begins.
The time is now; time for battle hymns.

A compression upon her will; a debt must be paid.
Loyal soldiers on the march; allies fight the shade.

Sister versus Sister; friend versus friend.
One knows the truth; the other can't comprehend.

"Tala? Will you stop the trickster?"
"I'm so sorry, Cami. I have to help her."

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