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Author Topic: Shafted  (Read 12633 times)
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When the entirety of November stepped out of Echo 419's dropship, Holmes' and Miles' Pelican was already waiting on the beach with Fireteam Siren. Adjacent to them was a Scorpion tank, of which Siren's team leader was running diagnostics on with the datapad he was holding. The first thing Daemon noticed was how much cooler the temperature was. It wasn't cold, but the wind had definitely picked up. It was raining quite hard, too.

"Storm's coming, Sarge." Vega noted, pointing out at the hurricane breaching the horizon.

Daemon shrugged. "We'll be long gone before it arrives." He then joined his fellow fireteam leader at the tank. Morrison greeted Daemon and wiped a layer of rainwater off of his datapad. "You shouldn't have."

Morrison snorted. "Good thing I haven't. This beauty's for Siren."

"Well that hardly seems fair." Daemon frowned. "I guess now's a good time to get me up to speed."

Morrison gave a thumbs up to Holmes and the two non-commissioned officers walked side by side into the hold of the Pelican. Foe Hammer took off behind the conglomeration of infantry. "Long story short is that Melloway's found another supply cache out on the opposite end of the ring. He's already sent Zulu in ahead of us to scope it out. I'm taking Siren and the tank to provide additional support for them while you and November search in another likely spot."

November and Siren both sat in their own rows opposite of each other. They swapped jokes and commented on each other's experiences on the ringworld. Daemon found a seat next to Verve just as the Pelican secured the Scorpion tank to its tail and took off. For the first forty minutes of the trip the weather maintained the temperate climate, and the impending disaster weather eased into a light rainfall. After the one hour mark though, the temperature dropped and the weather changed almost drastically. It was now snowing, and the terrain changed from patches of coast treelines to canyons blanketed by heavy snowfall. Holmes' deft piloting abilities allowed the sole dropship to avoid the Covenant deployments throughout the area and deploy Siren team without notice. Once done, Daemon joined the flight crew in the cabin to scope out a satisfactory spot to set down, ultimately deciding on an unoccupied roof of a tall black tower. Just one of the dozens that dotted the region. 

"Holmes, Miles, we shouldn't be too far from our destination but it's important to note that we can't afford to lose you and the bird. Use the camouflage netting and keep yourselves hidden in case an air patrol comes by." Daemon ordered. The netting in question was large enough to drape most of the Pelican and also blocked its thermal signature from showing up on Covenant scans. The snowfall would deter any physical sighting even further for passing Banshee patrols.

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