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Author Topic: Blockade of Tyrene  (Read 1813 times)
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« on: September 05, 2014, 07:12:26 PM »

Ok so the Orangelo Consortium is blockading Tyrene and the few colonies they have in order to pressure them opening up international trade besides to a handful of trade it conducts with other countries.   Rumors have it that the Consortium ships and interceptors have been firing on any ships or aircraft that enter within a certain radius of the blockage regardless of who it belongs to.  Similar reports of piracy and seizing of assets including those intended to for relief of the communities affected by the blockade.   
Rumors and reports also report that the Consortium is paying top dollar for trained mercenaries and other men and woman seeking to employment for "manual labor".

So this is going to result in an international summit, which I'm offering for someone to host if they want and it would be preferable with the tension between the two.  Representatives from either country would be in danger if it was in either country. 

Besides offering someone to host I welcome anyone from participating in the negotiations however they see fit.  (For example wanting your own slice of Tyrene trade, bitch about your nations ships or planes getting destroyed, lift it for humanitarian reasons)

Also feel free to send mercs/expeditionary forces for potential war should diplomacy fail here.

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