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Author Topic: Borderlands RP: Ain't No Place For No Hero  (Read 1728 times)
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« on: March 27, 2013, 12:19:10 AM »

So, you want to hear a story, eh?

One where the very fate of Pandora hangs in the balance?

If not, too bad, I'm telling it anyway.

First, there was the Vault. An alien prison opened with a mystical key. To the warriors who opened it, the Vault was... just a container of tentacles and disappointment. They vanished into the wastelands, certain that the Vault held no treasure at all.

They were wrong.

The Vault's opening triggered the growth of Eridium, a priceless alien element! Soon, the rare and valuable mineral emerged all across Pandora! Its appearance attracted many...

...including... the Hyperion corporation.  They came to Pandora to mine Eridium, and bring order to the savage planet. Through their excavations, Hyperion uncovered evidence of an even greater Vault. Their leader vowed to find it, to use its power to civilize the Borderlands...

...once and for all! But Hyperion weren't the only ones searching for the next Vault's alien power! The call of loot and danger is not so easily resisted. Certain warriors came to Pandora in droves, to uncover its hidden secrets.

Some would call them adventurers.

Others call them fools.

But I... them Vault Hunters.

Our story begins with them...

...and with a man named Handsome Jack...

So yeah, this is a Borderlands 2 RP! Following the plot of the second game, we can join up as a Vault Hunter with our own personal Action Skills! While you can select the guns you start off with, be forewarned; due to the circumstances of what happens to get you on the plot rails, you'll be losing them after the first few pages. But not to worry - there are many, many big things that will drop many, many badass guns for you to find! (Don't question how I'll make them. Just accept the fact that I can.)

Anyways, here's the char sheet;

Full Name: The full name of Mr. Badass Q. Badassington, the default name for those who go without names.
Nickname: What your characters like to be called or came up with for themselves.
Character Class: Because this is Borderlands, silly! You needs a char class!
Age: Your character's age in numbers. Double-digits, please.
Gender: Male? Female? Transgender?
Hometown/Homeworld: Their place of birth. They can be Pandora-born, or born from a laundry list of planets. Hell, make up your own!
Action Skill: Prerequisite to the ultimate badassery that is Vault Hunting, is a Hunter's Action Skill. The cool thing that sets them apart from the rest of the gun-toting hordes. What's yours?
Game-Changer: Think of your Action Skill. Now think of a modification to it - a major one - that makes it more badass. You can have three, doled out to you as the adventure progresses. Firepower, ho!
Family: If there's any family, put it here. If they died, put how they died here.
Appearance: Basic appearance description. Use words, use a picture, use whatever.
Likes and Dislikes: Simple enough. What do they love and hate?
Strengths and Weaknesses: Also simple. What are they good at, and what do they suck at?
Personality: Their personality.
Weapons and Posessions: This is what they start off with. While they will keep their possessions, the start of the plot will have them losing their weapons and being severely injured - though they can still walk and they won't be gunless or wounded for long.
Flaws: Any "fatal flaws" as they would be called?
Why Pandora/Backstory: The backstory to your character, and the reason they decided to come to this pisshole of a planet.

Happy looting, Vault Hunters!
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