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September 30, 2022, 07:54:46 PM

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 on: September 02, 2022, 02:08:43 AM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P
Still under construction

”The war is all there is.”
~Common saying among Eyan Stormsoldiers.

Motto: "The best offense is our defense."
Religion(s): A cult-like fanaticism of warfare; exaltation of a “Supreme Leader” and governing body of “Living Saviours”
Founding: Unknown; fledgling.
Demonym: Eyans
Population: Unknown
Currency: Unknown

Capital: “The Font”
Largest City: Ruhe des Riesen
Government: Neo-Fuedal
Terrain: Desolate tundras, dieselpunk architecture
Geographic Location: Alaska

Economy: Feudal System
Natural Resources: Alchemical magic, 

Enemies: Spredonia
Diplomacy Status: Closed

More to be added; Spredonian intel incomplete. Captures of soldiers and weaponry from previous engagements and deep cover assignments as follows:

 on: August 01, 2022, 09:43:49 PM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P

I think about our first meeting a lot. You were only a child in that wasteland, alone and scrounging for survival. Yet you saved my life as adeptly as any well-meaning individual. To call you my hero is an understatement. The day you formally became my daughter was one of the happiest of my life... which makes what I'm about to tell you all the more painful.

I'm abdicating the throne to you and leaving off for parts unknown. Is it an easy decision? Not in the slightest, and I wish I could say that there were darker forces at play forcing my hand, or that there's a secret mission that only I can complete.

But the truth is... I'm tired, kiddo.

I've been running Soll'Rah for the past nine years -- about your age when I inherited the throne; I wasn't prepared at first -- it took an entire civil war and a whole mythical prophecy that culminated in your adoption to straighten myself out. After dad disappeared, the country was left in a state of disrepair, and it took the next six years to not only get Soll'Rah back in proper working order, but make it even better than it was. Even in spite of an invasion and two assassination attempts do we continue to stride comfortably.

As cliche as it sounds, I didn't do it for me. I did it for every single person who chooses to call this place home: every angel, demon, human, seraphall, to scratch the surface.

And you know this; I've done my best to be nothing less than transparent with you. It was never a question of who was going to take the reigns from me... but a matter of when you would. I've taught you everything I know about being a leader. Every monarch to sit on the Soll'Rahn throne did so as a privilege and a birthright; it didn't matter if they were experienced or not -- I'm not exception to this. But I wanted to make sure you broke the mold -- at least, when it came to experience.

Hence why you spent a lot of time with the genuine articles -- and as such, enter Elyse. Sure, she's the last representative of a failed nation and it's partially my fault -- but there's a difference between she and I. Can you guess?

What I gained from privilege, she did so through discipline, and that's always been a difference between us. You'll see it in everything she does: how she swings that gaudy blade of hers as fluidly as wind blows, that subtle furrow in her brow before she makes a decision, the ginger touches when inspecting her garden, and the measured lockstep of her pacing whenever she reads. I'm good, but she's always been better. So when I say you've learned from the best, she's about 90% of that.

I'd say I'm being unfair to myself, but again -- civil wars and mythical prophecies.

You are many things, Ellmi. You're kind, you're brave, skilled with a blade, and level-headed in the worst situations. You're also honest, which is something that not a lot of us are. Even Michael. ESPECIALLY Soledad. But most of all, you're ready; There's no else I'd have chosen for this role, and I'll sleep easy knowing that you're in charge now.

Continue to be honest -- be fair when you interact with other leaders, but do not budge for the aggressors.

Keep in mind that no matter how small a wrong action may seem, wrong is always wrong, and it can easily cause events to spiral beyond our control.

And trust Aria.

With love,

Your father,


 on: April 07, 2022, 01:54:48 AM 
Started by Specs - Last post by Specs
Member "Kingdoms" of the Confederation of Tyrene

Continental Tyrene:

Imperial Crownlands
Kingdom of Urukard
Free Marches
Kado Shogunate
Kingdom of Thornfal
Kirongian Kingdom
Grand Duchy of Jagiellonia
Kingdom of Ghron
Fermelvean League
Kingdom of Ulindyl
Kingdom of Steamia
Tsardom of Orseia
Kingdom of Westsia
League of the Sea Princes
Kingdom of Faven
Kingdom of Lomba
Sunforian Theocracy
Most Serene Republic of Betheas
Republic of Terra
Bearwodian League
Kingdom of V'eld
Eldrean Grand Duchy
Kingdom of Ilaume
Brotherhood of Sesenbachzar
Grand Duchy of Mytheas
Republic of Utherlythar
Yvasadian Tetrarchy
Grand Duchy of Eluveneas
Duchy of Narn
Duchy of Fel-Shore
Kingdom of Pimewick
Duchy of Neusen
Duchy of Shau
Kingdom of Orelian
Duchy of Onalas
Duchy of Ridualmesia
Duchy of Raken
Duchy of Bayfront
Red Marches
Vali Khanate
Protectorate of Lurtheas
Grand Duchy of Men'ruhn
Valean Marches
Principality of Houndfair
Duchy of Edilnemar
The Ghostglen Marches
Dominion of Duskhyn
Swa Trade Company
Duchy of Opavelia
Holy State of Sonenor
Duchy of Ulssin
Delan League
Duchy of Calvacolcho
Duchy of Irosquervia
Depcairnian Marches
Free & Imperial City of Car'jes
Duchy of Dortheas
Free & Imperial City of Pyren
Duchy of Linhia
Duchy of Audrock
Duchy of Lineas
Duchy of Slybarun
Free & Imperial City of Stryt
Duchy of Wiedewald
Imperial Marches
Principality of Kandor
Free & Imperial City of Vojhalad
Principality of Shaulren
Principality of Kalean
Duchy of Viaperilia
Free & Imperial City of Ormrion
Principality of Falderia
Free & Imperial City of Monha
Duchy of Kanonari
Free & Imperial City of Olsasqueria
Free & Imperial City of Kakitawa
Duchy of Geilarandia
Free & Imperial City of Newharfia


Kado Corporation Land
United Kingdoms of the Golden Coast
Thanas Trade Federation
Shan Merchant Guild Land
Free & Imperial City of Dyrndess
Rautheas Republic
Duchy of Dyrnd
Kingdom of Ilsan
Ziragzian Theocracy
Khatharb Federation
Merchant Princedom of Nealin
Merchant Princedom of Betheas
Gracedia Guild Lands
Protected Native Tribal Lands
- to be continued -

Other Holdings:
- Dominion of the Gift
- Raj of Ind
- to be continued?-

 on: April 07, 2022, 01:38:00 AM 
Started by Specs - Last post by Specs
-Template Here-

 on: March 27, 2022, 03:42:21 AM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P

"You're incorrigible!"

"It's a part of my charm, Commander."

-Interaction between Jedi Knight Navahn Kiuun and Clone Commando Besom.

Alias(es): "Bess"
Race: Human (Clone)
Gender: Male
Born: 32 BBY on Kamino
Height: 1.83 metres
Weight: 80 kilograms
Physical Description: Genetic template of Mandalorian Jango Fett; facial hair kept to a fine stubble, short-cut black hair that's shaved at the sides. Tally marks tattooed on right bicep.

Affiliation: Galactic Republic (formerly), Galactic Empire
Rank: Commando

>Katarn-class Commando Armour, personalized

>DC-15LE Blaster Rifle
>DC-17m ICWS
>Knuckle Plate Vibroknife (x2)

Skills and Abilities:
Skilled hunter and tracker like his training sergeant. Adept investigator complements his skillset, making him an asset during covert operations against the non-mechanized enemies of the Republic and Galactic Empire alike. Superb marksmanship with pistols, but prefers to defer to longer range blasters. Natural tinker.


To say that RC-5010 struggled to fit in would be untrue; more accurately, he just didn't care. Nicknamed "Besom" by his training sergeant, the defective Clone loathed his Kaminoan caretakers, striking their ire so often that he was almost purged from the ranks outright. It was only at the request of Cuy'val Dar member Vhonte Tervho that we was allowed to continue living, as she admired his rebellious traits and considered it a suitable challenge to her teaching skills.

Under Vhonte's tutelage, Besom and his brothers in Iota Squad were taught to hunt and track targets of varying sentience and intelligence with cold efficiency. An added bonus to the already grueling commando training regimen came in the form of investigative techniques that made them experts on body language, behaviour, and infiltration. Iota squad found their specialty in urban warfare, deep ground surveillance, counter-terrorism and counter contraband ops, and assassination. Upon the outbreak of the Clone War, Iota was placed under the direction of Commander CT-411 on Geonosis, where they succeeded in a mission to intercept and apprehend an elite member of the Banking Clan. Iota would go on to serve with distinction for much of the war alongside the 87th Sentinel Corps, 212th Attack Battalion, and the 105th Legion, suffering no casualties until the Battle of Umbara. After a poor judgment call on Besom's part resulted in a betrayal from within the ranks, Iota carried on with only three members. Wracked with guilt, Besom transferred out of the squad and performed as a solo operator.

When the Republic transitioned into the first Galactic Empire, Besom was transferred into "Squad 38". Following a mission to Forr, it was Besom who signed the death warrant of fellow teammate "Shy Guy" when he secretly leaked their loss of faith in the Empire to his superiors -- a secret still unknown to Face and Duchess.

 on: February 28, 2022, 11:47:39 PM 
Started by Danny - Last post by Danny
Cosmic backroads retread; witches summoned from hiding.
Gods writhing from insolence; the clawed hand is biding.

A Queen's vengeance simmers; an exorcism begins.
The time is now; time for battle hymns.

A compression upon her will; a debt must be paid.
Loyal soldiers on the march; allies fight the shade.

Sister versus Sister; friend versus friend.
One knows the truth; the other can't comprehend.

"Tala? Will you stop the trickster?"
"I'm so sorry, Cami. I have to help her."

 on: February 27, 2022, 08:04:33 AM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P
It’d only been an hour since Renato was forced to put his jumpship in the brush; the rotted, fetid marshland surrounded the crash site for what seemed like dozens upon dozens of kilometres. But in the distance, the weary Titan spotted a massive structure – just about the size of his palm at this range.

Renato took stock of what remained: which nothing, really. He still had his loadout: a Khvostov rifle, Lucid Melody hand cannon, Blissful Ignorance shotgun, his – or rather, Amara’s – Warmind Khanjali, and a greataxe gifted to him by Lord Saladin. It was at times like this that as Renato watched the swamp protractedly devour his spacecraft that he took comfort in the fact that, as a Guardian, he would not die permanently from starvation. He also couldn’t get tetanus, but that was neither here nor there.

First impressions of Savathûn’s Throne World were nauseating, to say the least. But something gnawed at his perception, as if triggering some innate sense of presence.

“For what it’s worth,” Pendleton materialized over Renato’s shoulder, arcing into view as they navigated the mess of dead foliage. “I think we might have miscalculated with the Wayfinder. Just a little. Maybe… a lot.”

Renato glanced at him. He wasn’t angry, or too prideful to admit his handiwork. If anything he agreed.

Still, Pendleton took a hint and stifled the topic. Both of them were equally disappointed in losing Tala’s trail, having put all of their proverbial eggs into one navigation component. In turn, they lost Pendleton’s bond to her Ghost and the means of tracking its owner. On the flipside, it inadvertently saved the Titan from a final death when it ripped open a portal in proximity to Savathûn’s ship. Silver linings and all that.

The tell-tale thrum of a Hive tombship signalled the end of the pair’s break. Both looked to the source, equal dismay turning to concern. Renato turned to his Ghost and outstretched his palm; Pendleton instinctively landed in it, dematerializing into the ether.

“Not even an hour into our vacation into a Throne World and we managed to get spotted by the only patrol out here.” Pendleton’s voice sounded in Renato’s head, like a second conscience. “That’s just – that’s tremendous.”

Renato drew his Khvostov and pulled back on the charge handle. “I’m open to options.” he said, expectant.

“I ah… Okay, let me just –” Pendleton droned, muttering options to himself. “We don’t have the firepower to take that thing down, but glass half full it hasn’t fired on us just yet!”

Immediately eating his counterpart's words, several Hive acolytes deployed with a peculiar-looking knight. Renato ducked behind a fallen tree trunk as they began to investigate the area.

“Pendleton –”

“Oh!” he chirped. “You know what? I have a bold, bold plan and you’re gonna have to hear me out for this one.”

Renato propped himself on one knee and looked over his cover. His jumpship had at last been taken by the swamp, leaving the Hive to disperse. The knight turned around and spotted him, prompting its acolytes to open fire. The red Titan ducked back into cover and scowled.

“I’m all ears, buddy!” he shouted, wincing as a chunk of the trunk exploded next to him.

“Well, not to brag but I think you’re going to like this: we run!”


“Listen, we keep true to that definitely-not-ominous stronghold in the distance and we’ll be there in no time – there’s got to be reinforcements further in.”

It was, admittedly, an excellent point. They may have shown up in the early stages of the skirmish above the newly re-emerged Mars (only to be shot down by the Cabal.), but they were certainly not the first Guardians to arrive on-scene.

Renato conceded. He tossed a suppressor grenade over his shoulder and conjured a wide, rectangular barrier to buffet the blast. Renato broke into a sprint in the appointed direction, hurdling over terrain with his rifle in his subordinate hand. The marsh seemed to ebb and bend in his peripheral vision, as if playing with his sense of space. A trivial little conjurer’s trick put in place by the Witch Queen, he was sure.

It mattered little right now.

With a Hive patrol on his tail and a vast distance to cover, Renato would have to play Savathûn’s twisted games… just as he did when Caiatl’s refugees emerged, just as he did when the Vex bespelled the City, just as he did when she was held captive by the Awoken. It tired him; all he wanted more than anything in the universe was to reunite with Tala. But at every turn he was indisposed, detoured, or just shy of an opportunity altogether. He wondered why she hadn’t sought him all these years after the Red War.

But even now, with Gambol’s reports of Tala succumbing to the Witch Queen’s or some other malignant force’s thrall he could only chase dead leads and loose threads with wishful thoughts and good intentions. He was paving the road to his own personal hell.

Renato stumbled; betrayed by rotted wood which caused him to lose momentum. His leg ached now and a reasonable person would stop and tend to the sudden hyperextension – surely Pendleton could mend it in a pinch.

But there was no time. Renato couldn’t afford to stop. Not now, not ever.

Not while Tala was still out there… somewhere.

 on: February 06, 2022, 02:11:40 AM 
Started by Danny - Last post by Danny
"All eyes on me then," the raider smirked, as she suggestively raised her eyebrows at Wren.

She gathered up the supplies and tucked the box underneath her arm. The whole point of this was to get enough of a fix to keep going, but she promised the loner food- and instead he ended up with another mouth to feed. The raider sensed she had pushed things too far and was at risk blowing her only chance at protection. She had to fix it- prove herself. Damn shame they couldn't just eat the girl.

After taking another hit of jet she reached into the box and pulled out a can of Cram. She couldn't stand the stuff, but with the chems she figured she had another day before the hunger pains kicked in. She placed the can in the loner's hands and then started back in the direction of the camp.

"Maybe we'll cross a molerat on the way back and the scavver and cook us up some chunks."

 on: December 26, 2021, 06:11:47 AM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P
Far from the Last City and just beyond the Tower ramparts lay a valley. In earlier days it was a peaceful expanse, quietly healing from the damage done by the Red War. Twilight Gap is not far from here. In more recent months, it is now the resting place of what remains of one of the Cabal’s frivolous doomsday weapons – once called “The Almighty”.

It is not seen as a graveyard to all, however.

In a secluded little spot is a lake well-concealed by evergreens and superweapon wreckage. Before the Dominus’ blitzkrieg and Aurash’s fit of revengeance, it was a hideaway for Tala and Renato Dorian; not so much these days.

A utilitarian-looking jumpship breaks the serenity as it banks into a novice-level landing. Shortly after the engines whine down and the docking ramp lowers, the lovesick Titan steps onto freshly fallen snow. His Ghost materializes over his shoulder and imparts a jovial but well-meaning remark in a frantic, nasally accent. Renato Dorian humours the indignant little drone with a huff as he sets off.

Renato Dorian scans the lake, locked in a memory he can’t quite remember as well as he used to. Was he teaching Tala to skate during that one Dawning, or was she teaching him? Whatever the case, it resulted in them both piling over the other on the ice, making light of their ineptitude.

He smiles at this.

A partially collapsed yurt catches his attention next and he shivers; he misses the insulation in his armour already, beginning to regret his casual wear. Nevertheless, the undying Traveller-spawn soldiers on to the dilapidated structure. He kneels, sliding the dirt-covered door open and dragging a chest from the inside.


The cache opens and Renato Dorian exchanges the spoiled confectionary with a new batch of Tala’s favourite pastries, a chunk of glimmer, a bluebell Bond, and what is either the solar system’s smallest rifle or its largest pistol.

Satisfied, Renato Dorian puts the box away and pulls the door closed. He returns to the edge of the lake a final time to think about the first. His recollection is interrupted by the faulty Ghost – one that managed to birth a Guardian from the ashes of another, not unlike the ancient Earth firebird; something to revisit later.

A message from Gambol. It must be important, considering how quickly Renato Dorian’s smile inverted. For all of his effort – his begrudging attempts to leave her where she lay – he simply can’t. His Ghost disappears in his palm and Renato Dorian takes one lasting look at the lake as if it were his last.

Who’s to say it's not, really?

Renato Dorian is not difficult to read, though I suspect he doesn’t try to be. I know this even though our visit lasted a mere seven seconds. He didn't say a word -- nor did he need to.

As he stared up at my crystalline cocoon with a battered, grim-faced burgundy helmet tucked under his dominant arm wondering what I had planned for his precious little love... I learned everything there was to know about him.

 on: December 25, 2021, 07:44:01 AM 
Started by BEB0P - Last post by BEB0P
High Priority Message – H.E.L.M. - 03 Commander’s Terminal



Today allowed little advancement for our unit. No discernible signs that Archon trusts us, sorry. Crescent-2 offered me prized rifle over missing Ikora's second enlightening debrief; Really excited! Could Ophiuchus make me enjoy nighttime debriefs?

Renato, enjoy combing over Variks' Elder records yesterday? Or perhaps extravagant Riis artifacts? Tonight I'll operate normally.



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