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Still under construction


”The war is all there is.”
~Common saying among Eyan Stormsoldiers.

Motto: "The best offense is our defense."
Religion(s): A cult-like fanaticism of warfare; exaltation of a “Supreme Leader” and governing body of “Living Saviours”
Founding: Unknown; fledgling.
Demonym: Eyans
Population: Unknown
Currency: Unknown

Capital: “The Font”
Largest City: Ruhe des Riesen
Government: Neo-Fuedal
Terrain: Desolate tundras, dieselpunk architecture
Geographic Location: Alaska

Economy: Feudal System
Natural Resources: Alchemical magic, 

•Enemies: Spredonia
•Diplomacy Status: Closed

More to be added; Spredonian intel incomplete. Captures of soldiers and weaponry from previous engagements and deep cover assignments as follows:


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