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Title: Tyrene (rework/fresh)
Post by: Specs on April 07, 2022, 01:38:00 AM
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Title: Re: Tyrene (rework/fresh)
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Member "Kingdoms" of the Confederation of Tyrene

Continental Tyrene:

Imperial Crownlands
Kingdom of Urukard
Free Marches
Kado Shogunate
Kingdom of Thornfal
Kirongian Kingdom
Grand Duchy of Jagiellonia
Kingdom of Ghron
Fermelvean League
Kingdom of Ulindyl
Kingdom of Steamia
Tsardom of Orseia
Kingdom of Westsia
League of the Sea Princes
Kingdom of Faven
Kingdom of Lomba
Sunforian Theocracy
Most Serene Republic of Betheas
Republic of Terra
Bearwodian League
Kingdom of V'eld
Eldrean Grand Duchy
Kingdom of Ilaume
Brotherhood of Sesenbachzar
Grand Duchy of Mytheas
Republic of Utherlythar
Yvasadian Tetrarchy
Grand Duchy of Eluveneas
Duchy of Narn
Duchy of Fel-Shore
Kingdom of Pimewick
Duchy of Neusen
Duchy of Shau
Kingdom of Orelian
Duchy of Onalas
Duchy of Ridualmesia
Duchy of Raken
Duchy of Bayfront
Red Marches
Vali Khanate
Protectorate of Lurtheas
Grand Duchy of Men'ruhn
Valean Marches
Principality of Houndfair
Duchy of Edilnemar
The Ghostglen Marches
Dominion of Duskhyn
Swa Trade Company
Duchy of Opavelia
Holy State of Sonenor
Duchy of Ulssin
Delan League
Duchy of Calvacolcho
Duchy of Irosquervia
Depcairnian Marches
Free & Imperial City of Car'jes
Duchy of Dortheas
Free & Imperial City of Pyren
Duchy of Linhia
Duchy of Audrock
Duchy of Lineas
Duchy of Slybarun
Free & Imperial City of Stryt
Duchy of Wiedewald
Imperial Marches
Principality of Kandor
Free & Imperial City of Vojhalad
Principality of Shaulren
Principality of Kalean
Duchy of Viaperilia
Free & Imperial City of Ormrion
Principality of Falderia
Free & Imperial City of Monha
Duchy of Kanonari
Free & Imperial City of Olsasqueria
Free & Imperial City of Kakitawa
Duchy of Geilarandia
Free & Imperial City of Newharfia


Kado Corporation Land
United Kingdoms of the Golden Coast
Thanas Trade Federation
Shan Merchant Guild Land
Free & Imperial City of Dyrndess
Rautheas Republic
Duchy of Dyrnd
Kingdom of Ilsan
Ziragzian Theocracy
Khatharb Federation
Merchant Princedom of Nealin
Merchant Princedom of Betheas
Gracedia Guild Lands
Protected Native Tribal Lands
- to be continued -

Other Holdings:
- Dominion of the Gift
- Raj of Ind
- to be continued?-