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Title: RC-5010, "Besom"
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"You're incorrigible!"

"It's a part of my charm, Commander."

-Interaction between Jedi Knight Navahn Kiuun and Clone Commando Besom.

Alias(es): "Bess"
Race: Human (Clone)
Gender: Male
Born: 32 BBY on Kamino
Height: 1.83 metres
Weight: 80 kilograms
Physical Description: Genetic template of Mandalorian Jango Fett; facial hair kept to a fine stubble, short-cut black hair that's shaved at the sides. Tally marks tattooed on right bicep.

Affiliation: Galactic Republic (formerly), Galactic Empire
Rank: Commando

>Katarn-class Commando Armour, personalized

>DC-15LE Blaster Rifle
>DC-17m ICWS
>Knuckle Plate Vibroknife (x2)

Skills and Abilities:
Skilled hunter and tracker like his training sergeant. Adept investigator complements his skillset, making him an asset during covert operations against the non-mechanized enemies of the Republic and Galactic Empire alike. Superb marksmanship with pistols, but prefers to defer to longer range blasters. Natural tinker.


To say that RC-5010 struggled to fit in would be untrue; more accurately, he just didn't care. Nicknamed "Besom" by his training sergeant, the defective Clone loathed his Kaminoan caretakers, striking their ire so often that he was almost purged from the ranks outright. It was only at the request of Cuy'val Dar member Vhonte Tervho that we was allowed to continue living, as she admired his rebellious traits and considered it a suitable challenge to her teaching skills.

Under Vhonte's tutelage, Besom and his brothers in Iota Squad were taught to hunt and track targets of varying sentience and intelligence with cold efficiency. An added bonus to the already grueling commando training regimen came in the form of investigative techniques that made them experts on body language, behaviour, and infiltration. Iota squad found their specialty in urban warfare, deep ground surveillance, counter-terrorism and counter contraband ops, and assassination. Upon the outbreak of the Clone War, Iota was placed under the direction of Commander CT-411 on Geonosis, where they succeeded in a mission to intercept and apprehend an elite member of the Banking Clan. Iota would go on to serve with distinction for much of the war alongside the 87th Sentinel Corps, 212th Attack Battalion, and the 105th Legion, suffering no casualties until the Battle of Umbara. After a poor judgment call on Besom's part resulted in a betrayal from within the ranks, Iota carried on with only three members. Wracked with guilt, Besom transferred out of the squad and performed as a solo operator.

When the Republic transitioned into the first Galactic Empire, Besom was transferred into "Squad 38". Following a mission to Forr, it was Besom who signed the death warrant of fellow teammate "Shy Guy" when he secretly leaked their loss of faith in the Empire to his superiors -- a secret still unknown to Face and Duchess.