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Title: Airevon of Olde
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Still under construction


"We grow strong, so that we may undo wrong, and move along."

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Motto: "Through Unity, a sense of Duty."
Religion(s): Polytheistic; Worship of the gods Mata and Maku. Several lesser deities exist.
Founding: 3 BDC (Before Demonic Contact)
•Non-Native Races
Demonym: Airvonian
Population: 1,414,016
Currency: Soll'Rahn Piece (sP), Airvonian Widget (aW)

Largest City:
Government: Tribal Council
Terrain: Frozen; Tundras, Mountainous, nearly inhospitable.
Geographic Location: Australasian Continent.

Economy: Unregulated; Based primarily on agriculture, trade, and services, with little to no industrial activity.
Natural Resources: Snow, livestock
Exports: None.

Allies: Soll'Rah
Enemies: Literally anybody.
Diplomacy Status: Mixed Bag