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Title: Shafted
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"...So we're there, brawling it out in the gully when one of the split-lips roars at me!" Private Ashley Vega sat in Bravo-022's cargo bay; Or as many Marines soon came to refer it as: the "blood tray". She sat beside her fellow teammate Lucas Lahti, and beside him sat Dom and Haskall. She explained November's previous assignment to pre-emptively capture resources from the Pillar of Autumn as the Pelican Dropship swept over one of the many oceans on Installation 04.

The other half of November, Corpsman Verve, Corporal Charlie Swan, and their team leader Sergeant Daemon Puskas, all resided in the dropship ahead of Bravo-022, Echo-419. The former of the three was tasked by First Lieutenant Melloway to supervise the two ODSTs after their confrontation with a pair of Elites on board the Pillar of Autumn. Though unfavourable of the Lieutenant to put them back into the field, the lacking presence of the UNSC forced them back into combat.

The dropships closed in on their objective: A small island that contained what intelligence called "The Silent Cartographer". Supposedly, this would lead the Marines to the ringworld's control room and from there, it could be used as a weapon against the Covenant.


Vega carried on with her recollection, still fresh in her mind, considering it was only yesterday. "So I said to the Elite, "Fuck your mother!", and I threw an inactive grenade at him!"

"What?" Asked the confused Marine opposite of her who'd been following the story.

"Yeah, I threw an inactive grenade at him to trick the stupid dinosaur. And then, just as he was coming to, I launched a rocket at him-- Blew him to chunks!" She exclaimed, pantomiming an explosion. "I think I still have some of him on me right... Aha! Here." She pointed at the dried blue stain on her helmet.

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Charlie hissed as Verve picked at her stitches.

"You should have sit this one out," Verve said delicately, "You came close to losing your eye- you still might if you don't find a replacement helmet."

Charlie groaned, "Not my first time hitting an LZ without a bucket on my head,"

Verve shook her head and went in for another inspection of her handy work.

"Doc, stop touching my face. Why don't you give fireteam lead some attention,"

Amelia shuffled her medbag over and looked at Deamon, "Sir, any gripes?"

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Daemon gave Verve a dismissive wave and shook his head. "Nothing the biofoam didn't fix, Corspman. It'll take a lot more than minor plasma scarring to take me down." He stared at Charlie through his visor, not moving his head. It worried him greatly that Melloway decided to put her back into the field. While he had the lowest of caution for himself, Charlie was one whole priority in and of herself to Daemon.

He looked at Verve now, actually turning his head this time. "Thanks, though. You don't need to babysit us like Melloway told you."

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"Careful if you keep spreading that story the recruits down at basic are all going to stop pulling the pins on their grenades" said Dom.   "And I thought some CO yelled at you to clean the blood off that thing" he added giving a light knock onto Vega's helmet.  "Probably that asshole in the armory, you know the really stingy guy who counts every single round you take and always gives you that judgemental look".

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Lahti glanced over at Vega. "'I threw a dead grenade at something I wanted to blow up,' is what you're saying. Two stones, one bird."

He chuckled. "He's right though, Dom. Once we use up the ammo we've got, where are we gonna get more? We don't have any factories down here."

His laugh trailed off as he began to wonder just how long they might be stuck on the ringworld, and how long they would be able to operate without resupply.

He cast a glance out the back of the Pelican, taking in the vista of the ocean stretching out towards the horizon. Of all the place to be shipwrecked, though, this probably wasn't the worst, aside from the Covenant occupation.

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"Well I thought it was a good plan." Vega shrugged. "Anyone else find it unfair that the sarge gets to sit with the Chief in 419?"

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"I assure you, my concern is strictly personal," Verve replied.

Charlie scoffed, "He said he's fine, corpsman, so can it."

Amelia nodded, nervously, and focussed her attention elsewhere. The Spartan sitting at the end of the bay, watching over the other Pelican... rumours going around the barracks say he's the last one.

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"Doesn't mean he has to be a little bitch about it" said Dom with a shrug.   "Might be able to get some Covenant weapons but those alien bastards never seem to remember to bring their damn chargers, ammo, extra alien batteries or whatever the hell they use".

Dom shrugged.  "Unfair? No.   A pain in the ass, yes because he'll probably go on and brag about getting to sit with a Spartan".  

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"I'm not sure that the sarge is the bragging type, Dom." Vega replied. "For the record I would totally brag about it, though."

Haskall chuckled. "Me too, Vega. Though I think he's seen enough Spartans; Just another asset to the fight, for him."

"What makes you say that?" Vega asked.

"Just a feeling." Haskall answered, shrugging. "His service record says he's been a lot of places that the Spartans have. Harvest, Arcadia, Fumirole... Reach."

"Hell of a life."

"Yeah, it sure is."

* * * * * * *

Daemon had finally managed to take his eyes off of Charlie, whom was sitting across from him, and studied the soldier adorned in green heavy armour. He'd heard a lot of stories about the famed Master Chief, and believed every one of them. Daemon respected the Spartan supersoldiers, unlike a lot of his fellow ODSTs. To him, the Spartans were the next step up from an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, and countless times had the former saved his life and many more with a lot less to do it with.

That's when the threat alarm sounded. The Marines in Daemons Pelican acted on instinct; They put on their helmets, made final checks on their weapons, and steeled themselves for a fight. Daemon used to be very nervous when the alarm sounded, but now it was as mundane as the sound his alarm clock made. He checked his weapon and turned the safety off, then tapped his comm piece. "Alright, November! Gear up, because we're storming a beach. Covenant prescence is thick, so keep each other covered. We hit fast, and punch hard, and we all come out of this on in one piece. See you soon."

Echo 419 and Bravo 022 banked left and skimmed over the beach, taking unnoticeable minor damage from the Covenant's plasma pot shots. They descended at an end of the beach and lowered their bay doors. "Get set to come out swingin'!" Echo 419's pilot, Foe Hammer, advised.

The Master Chief was the first one out of the dropship. Foe Hammer made another announcement. "Hit it, Marines!"

"You heard the lady!" Daemon barked. "Let's go! Let's go!" He squeezed the trigger of his assault rifle and unloaded at the first alien he saw. The Elite went down quickly as another Marine concentrated his fire on it as well. Daemon then selected a fragmentation grenade from his person and tossed it into the thick of the Covenant forces before resuming his assault. He held the Spartan's flank and watched as the armoured supersoldier punched a crimson-armoured Elite in the face.

Daemon did his best to keep pace, and picked up a dropped plasma grenade. Making use of it, he activated the alien explosive and pressed it against a fleeing Grunt before kicking it into a pair of Jackal soldiers. They squawked furiously and feebly used their shields to save themselves from the blast. Satisfied, the ODST moved on.

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Charlie braced her boot on the lip of the Pelican's troopbay and used it to gleefully launch herself into combat. The Chief and a thin line of Marines were ahead of her, which simply would not do. Not only did she have to out-do her sarge, but a bloody Spartan as well. Charging by the first dead (of both sides) she suddenly found herself on the front, surrounded by what seemed to be Covenant communication devices. One was active, and chirping. Probably meant the rest of the forces on this island new they were here. You know, if they happened to miss the two grey-steeled behemoths.

Hipfiring her way through a crowd of Grunts, the ODST reloaded and concentrated fire on the forces retreating further back, under the ancient arching metal structure. As what left of the Covenant forces made their way back to cover, a phalanx of Jackal's emerged and formed a line of suppressing fire, while several Elites stood behind. In the hail of plasma fire, Charlie lobbed a grenade and lobbed for cover. It was hastily thrown, and fell short. Might have got dirt in their eyes through.

Amelia was out of the Pelican right behind Charlie, but fell back as she tended to the wounded. 

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"Damn this beach is hotter than the beaches during Mardias back home" commented Dom as he opened fire with his assault rifle on the aliens from the beach.   Dom cautiously made his way to out of the Pelican to the nearest available piece of cover.

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With the advantage of a Spartan, the Marines cleared the beach in only a matter of minutes. The last of the Covenant presence diminished as the UNSC forces passed under an archway and gathered in the shadow of the island's looming cliffs. Daemon checked to see that everyone had made it. With the Master Chief supplementing them, Sergeant Waller's squad, as well as Daemon's, had performed efficiently with zero losses. Waller gave Daemon an approving nod, to which the ODST reciprocated.

"Area's secure, Foe Hammer." Cortana informed.

A beat passed and Foe Hammer's Pelican banked into view, now with a Warthog secured to the after overhang. "Affirmative, Cortana. Somebody order a Warthog?"

"I didn't know you made house calls, Foe Hammer!" Waller jokingly inquired.

"You know our motto, Waller: We Deliver."

Foe Hammer's pelican came to a low hover over the surface, it's thrusters spraying sand in it's wake as it disengaged it's payload. The Chief made for the vehicle with a fluid stride as he shouldered his weapon and selected Charlie and Daemon to come with him.

"Sir, what's current the objective?" Haskall asked as he watched his Sergeant pass.

"Keep hold of the beach. Chances are the Covenant didn't take nicely to us crashing their little vacation spot."

"Is that confirmed?" Vega added.

"Hell if I know, Private."

"Oh, great. Well I would be disappointed if the Covenant stood us up." She commented, hefting her rocket launcher.

Daemon was just about to climb into the Warthog's gunner position when Foe Hammer interrupted him. "Actually, Sergeant Puskas. Melloway needs your team for another objective."

"He say what it was?" Daemon replied.

"Apparently he's found some vague intel on another Covenant weapons cache somewhere in the polar regions of the ring."

"That's not very reassuring, but I guess we're under orders." Daemon hopped out of the turret position, somewhat discouraged. He gestured for Charlie to enter the Pelican first and waited for the rest of his team to climb aboard before he did.

"Don't worry, Puskas. We'll get on just fine!" Waller called.

"Write me a postcard!" Daemon replied, giving a brief salute as the drop ship pulled away. The Chief's Warthog tore away from the rest of the Marines. He sighed at his missed opportunity to fight with the Chief. There'd be other days, though. Joining his team, Daemon found a seat next to Charlie and removed his helmet.

"So... That was fun." Haskall remarked.

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Charlie and Amelia climbed aboard the dropship. Amelia, admittedly relieved, went straight for the onboard medical supplies to restock her own after the brief engagement. Charlie was less than pleased. She took her seat, but not before ripping off her helmet and throwing it across the Pelican in a tantrum.

"What the hell was the point of that, sir?" She spat, "Waste of our goddamn time... these new orders had better be good."

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"Hey, I don't question orders, alright? If we're needed elsewhere, we go elsewhere." Daemon answered, his voice firm. He was just as frustrated, if only due to the confusion of being redeployed during such a monumental task.

"Sir," Haskall spoke up. "They'll be fine, right? Waller, and the others?"

"I mean, the Chief has their backs. What's the worst that could happen with a Spartan leading the charge?" He said, standing up again. He held his helmet at his side as he patted Haskall on the shoulder and made for the cockpit. Foe Hammer was alone. It was odd for her to be missing a co-pilot. The drop ship passed over an island and banked slightly to the right.

"It's gonna be a quick flight, Sergeant. I'm actually handing you off to another Pelican."

"Aww, don't tell me you're already tired of us, Rawley." Daemon groaned, finding a seat in the co-pilot's chair.

Foe Hammer smirked. "I'm on station for the Master Chief. Taking him were he needs to be."

"Well if anyone was qualified..." He shrugged. "Who's our next chauffeur?"

"Holmes is, actually. I heard his new co-pilot is a lifeboat pilot."

"No shit?"

"Are you familiar with him?"

"Actually, yeah." Daemon confirmed. "He took us to the Autumn. Real swell guy."

"We're in comms range now if you wanted to get reacquainted."

"Not a bad idea. Patch me through." There was a moment of static before Foe Hammer gave Daemon a thumbs up. He could feel the drop ship lean right again. "Holmes, come in. This is Sergeant Puskas, leading Fireteam November. Miss us?"

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There was a brief moment of feedback. "Shit, Sarge. Bumblebee (Fred's new nickname for Miles) and I were just saying how much we missed getting shot at. ETA: in a few."

Before too long another Pelican made its approach towards the island.

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When the entirety of November stepped out of Echo 419's dropship, Holmes' and Miles' Pelican was already waiting on the beach with Fireteam Siren. Adjacent to them was a Scorpion tank, of which Siren's team leader was running diagnostics on with the datapad he was holding. The first thing Daemon noticed was how much cooler the temperature was. It wasn't cold, but the wind had definitely picked up. It was raining quite hard, too.

"Storm's coming, Sarge." Vega noted, pointing out at the hurricane breaching the horizon.

Daemon shrugged. "We'll be long gone before it arrives." He then joined his fellow fireteam leader at the tank. Morrison greeted Daemon and wiped a layer of rainwater off of his datapad. "You shouldn't have."

Morrison snorted. "Good thing I haven't. This beauty's for Siren."

"Well that hardly seems fair." Daemon frowned. "I guess now's a good time to get me up to speed."

Morrison gave a thumbs up to Holmes and the two non-commissioned officers walked side by side into the hold of the Pelican. Foe Hammer took off behind the conglomeration of infantry. "Long story short is that Melloway's found another supply cache out on the opposite end of the ring. He's already sent Zulu in ahead of us to scope it out. I'm taking Siren and the tank to provide additional support for them while you and November search in another likely spot."

November and Siren both sat in their own rows opposite of each other. They swapped jokes and commented on each other's experiences on the ringworld. Daemon found a seat next to Verve just as the Pelican secured the Scorpion tank to its tail and took off. For the first forty minutes of the trip the weather maintained the temperate climate, and the impending disaster weather eased into a light rainfall. After the one hour mark though, the temperature dropped and the weather changed almost drastically. It was now snowing, and the terrain changed from patches of coast treelines to canyons blanketed by heavy snowfall. Holmes' deft piloting abilities allowed the sole dropship to avoid the Covenant deployments throughout the area and deploy Siren team without notice. Once done, Daemon joined the flight crew in the cabin to scope out a satisfactory spot to set down, ultimately deciding on an unoccupied roof of a tall black tower. Just one of the dozens that dotted the region. 

"Holmes, Miles, we shouldn't be too far from our destination but it's important to note that we can't afford to lose you and the bird. Use the camouflage netting and keep yourselves hidden in case an air patrol comes by." Daemon ordered. The netting in question was large enough to drape most of the Pelican and also blocked its thermal signature from showing up on Covenant scans. The snowfall would deter any physical sighting even further for passing Banshee patrols.