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: Wounds from the Past
: Specs October 07, 2013, 03:38:20 AM
The Queen of Concordia yawned as she enjoyed the breakfast her servants had prepared for her,  a particularly sweet and strong Elven tea and some bread with some strawberry jam on top.   A simple breakfast but Auroras' appetite had diminished these last few days, as well as her sleep.  The arrival of a diplomatic from their former Elven kinsmen had brought much turmoil to the floating island.  
For starters the majority of the population wasn't thrilled with the arrival of the diplomat.  It had taken her a lot of work but Auroras thought that she had managed to appease her subjects enough that she could at the very least hear the elf out.  
But that was the least of her troubles, the Regent that has been ruling over the Kingdom of "Atan" as they refered to now, apparently that is what the foreigners who they met called the elves when they arrived at their shore after the Catacylsm had forced most of the elves into exile from their homeland because it had been rendered lifeless and baren, and it seemed no magic could bring the land back to life.  The Regent wanted reunification between the Kingdom of Concordia and Atan, and he wanted the Sunstrider Dynasty to reclaim the throne.   That was her Uncle for you, while he was her father's brother he was a bastard, any other man she presumed would of just taken the throne for themselves because they were technically a member of the dynasty.   Why now though?  It was so random, and why hadn't he done it earlier if he really wanted both sides together again.  

To make matters worse what little sleep she did get when she wasn't thinking over her Uncle's proposal, was plagued by nightmares.   She simply saw her people, the Atan, and the Minans suffering from another Catalysm.  Normally the World Tree offered insight on her dreams or one of the Elders that had ruled until she considered herself ready to take the throne, but the Tree was silent and the Elders didn't know what to make of it.  


Auroras was roused from her thoughts by the sound of splintering and breaking wood.  It seemed someone's house had fallen or something, but no this was much to loud, and more sounds of damaged wood were heard.  Auroras rushed to the window and there she saw it, the world tree was dying...decaying at an unnaturally fast pace.  What...was going on?  

Crowds of citizens flocked the streets and wore the same confused and alarmed look as Auroras.   What was happening to the tree?  


While the magistrates investigated the incident as to what exactly killed the World Tree, it was deceided that perhaps the Minans would know what happened to their tree, since this tree was made from their tree.    And so the island went off to Mina.


The floating island loomed and traveled over Mina, bring curious stares from the people.   It continued along till it parked itself right above the capital.   From there a lone Dragon descended, it was Auroras' golden one and it carried the Queen and the Atanish diplomat.    

The beast landed in the streets and the two Elves descended from the beast.  
"We must speak with The Lord Commander immediately, we mean you no harm, and the matter I wish to dicuss with him is of the utmost importance" demanded Auroras as she bowed to whatever crowd had naturally gathered.

: Re: Wounds from the Past
: Danny November 01, 2013, 09:26:07 PM
"My Lord, we have... visitors,"

Lord Commander of the Minan military sat in his darkened office, taking notes from a scripture, "Not now, I am well into my readings,"

"Oh, sir, trust me, you'll be wanting to meet them,"

The Lord Commander looked over his shoulder and glared one of his secretaries. He stood in a huff and made his way towards the exit. The secretary stopped him, however, and without a word pointed to a shut window. With a confused expression, he walked over and parted the double wooden doors. Light rushed into the room, revealing the sprawling High City of Mina. But the Lord Commander's awe was, for just this one time, directed at something else. An entire floating continent over the High City. And unannounced.

"Concordians," he hissed.

"Aurora's is waiting for you downstairs. As is an Atanish diplomat."

"An Atanish diplomat?" He question, "Odd... yes, I will see them immediately,"

He grabbed his cloak and rushed out of his office. As he headed for the stairs, he yelled back at the secretary, "Make sure you tell the tribunal I had nothing to do with this!"


The Lord Commander descended down the stone steps of the Enterprise building. He wore his ceremonial armour, without the helmet, to display his impressive branch-like tusks extruding from his forehead. At the foot of the building was a dragon, it's master, and her guest.

"Aurora's," Lord Commander greeted, "I am Lord Commander Sataurus, I believe you requested to see me? But first, if you wouldn't mind, could you explain that?" He pointed up at the floating continent.   

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