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: Flawless Cowboys
: Spartan-777 December 07, 2012, 11:13:20 PM
Things were heating up.

The Bumblebee lifepod tore through the atmosphere, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake. It rattled like a thing possessed, but Marcus didn't appear to be worried in the slightest.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you'll direct your attention to the forward viewport..."  He trailed off. Their destination seemed to be in quite the hurry to meet them.

It was actually quite beautiful, all things considered; as if someone had peeled a strip from a globe and inverted it. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to enjoy the view for much longer. If the flames licking at the canopy were any indicator, they'd be touching down soon enough.


It seemed to happen much more quickly than he had expected.

One moment, free-fall, the next, impact. The side of the craft rebounded off of a nearby rock face, leaving a particularly mean-looking gash in the side of the lifepod's hull. Warning lights blinked on, indicators sounded in his helmet, but a quick glance at his instrument panel informed him that the interior hadn't been breached. The air brakes on that side, however, had been sheared away. The pod began to spin.

Miles muttered something under his breath, yanked the steering mechanism hard to the right, and aimed for the other side of the river that was rushing to greet them.

Things had gone better than he'd expected, because when Marcus shook off the disorientation of what he had hoped to be a successful crash landing, he realized he was still alive.

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: Danny December 09, 2012, 09:55:16 PM
Amelia glanced away from Anderson for just a moment, to see why on Earth the pilot would want to direct her attention forward. She assumed that it was nothing; or maybe a Covenant Cruiser. So she didn't look for more than a second and immediately turned back to what she thought was more important. But as she gazed into Anderson's gaping wound, the image of what she thought she saw began to burn in her mind.

She slowly turned her head back towards the cockpit. And there it was. A massive floating ring shaped ship. Or station. Amelia looked on, and the closer they got to it, the lower her jaw dropped.



Re-entry was rough. Nothing like she had experienced before. She kept her gaze fixed on her feet while maintaining a firm grasp of the straps keeping her attached to the Bumblebee's hull.

Then weightlessness. The sudden change made Amelia squeal unexpectedly. She immediately stopped herself though, making the 'squeal' sound more like a high pitched gasp.

When the craft hit the rockface and begun spinning uncontrolably, that was when Amelia had enough. She blacked out until the escape pod rested still on the Ring's surface.


She lifted her head and groaned groggily. Her body ached from rag-dolling all over the place, but nothing was broken.


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: BEB0P December 10, 2012, 04:06:07 AM
Jesse was the next person to come to. His harness may as well have been the only one that remained intact. He gave Amelia a thumbs up as he released himself from his safety harness. "Sergeant? You good?"

"Y-Yeah... just give me a sec..." Deamon released himself from his harness and attempted to move. He stopped when he noticed that his leg was caught in the corrugated metal. Some careful maneuvering would release his leg. "How's Anderson?"

"Dead, sir." Jesse grimaced at the sight of his fallen comrade. Only he remained out of his original fire team. "Bled out on the way down."

"Check on Miles, Haskall." Deamon ordered. As soon as he tried to walk, however, the ODST stumbled forward, almost onto Amelia. A sharp pain pierced his left calf. The warped interior of the Bumblebee had cut into his leg on the way down, most likely after his side of the pod grazed across the rock face before landing. "Damn it... Verve, get the emergency release hatch."

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: Danny December 10, 2012, 08:01:46 AM
Amelia pulled away from Anderson's corpse after confirming Jesse's diagnosis.

"Yes, sir."

Over the sound of buzzing electronics and the occasional cough or murmur, Amelia reached the rear of the pod and began looking for the emergency release latches. She found all five of them; four in each corner and a final one in the center. She pulled down the two top latches, then kneeled to life the two bottom ones. Finally she grabbed a firm grasp of the fifth and final latch, pushing it in and half-turning it clockwise, then pulling it and turning it counter-clockwise.

The door hissed, cracked and popped. But then nothing. With an annoyed groan Amelia returned to her seat, took up her medical bag, fixed her helmet and grabbed her MA5. Returning to the door, she smacked it three times with the butt of her rifle. Nothing. She kicked it. Nothing. Now growling with frustration, she threw the side of her body at the door, which unexpectedly worked.

The rear door released; the solid airtight hunk of metal falling out of the pod and Amelia with it. She bounced off when it hit the ground; rolling to the side. She immediately fixed herself up and pointed her rifle in the direction of her gaze. It was quiet; nothing but the sound of the breeze. 

Now particularly overwhelmed by the situation, she simply poked her head back inside. "C-clear. Everyone alright in there?"

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: Spartan-777 December 15, 2012, 09:51:41 PM
Marcus flipped the visor up on his flight helmet. He was a bit sore from the landing, but seemed to be otherwise operational. He flashed a thumbs up from the cockpit before hauling himself up out of the chair to exit through the rear of the craft. Ideally, they would be able to rendezvous with other UNSC forces in the area, where they would then be informed of how exactly they were going to get off this rock. Or ring. Whatever it was.

And, ideally, this would be sooner, rather than later.

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: BEB0P December 15, 2012, 10:02:17 PM
Deamon struggled to pick himself up and vacate the life boat. Once out, he slumped down next to the exit and examined the damage to his leg; A piece of shrapnel nestled loosely in his left shin. He cursed silently, and gripped the serrated metal.

"Sir?" Jesse crouched down beside the ODST.
"I'm fine." He replied, before shifting his gaze to Amelia. "Verve, I'm going to need you to help me with this. Once I pull this out- I'll be bleeding like a son of a bitch. Be ready to take off the leg-armour and put pressure on the wound."

When Amelia was ready, he yanked the metal out of his shin.

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: Danny December 16, 2012, 05:51:45 AM
"What? Oh, shit. Wait, sir-!"

Before Amelia could do anything, Deamon pulled the piece of shrapnel out of his foot. She immediately dropped beside him and did what he said; took off the foot plate and applied pressure. She grunted stressfully as she did so.

"I would have liked a moment to look at it, sir."

She bandaged the wound and wrapped it tight in an effort to stop the bleeding.

"That should do it. Let's all be careful from this point out, alright? I'm running out of this stuff."

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: BEB0P December 16, 2012, 06:18:14 AM
"Appreciated, and duely noted." Deamon replied, depolarizing his visor. "Miles, can you raise anyone on the comms?"

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: Danny December 16, 2012, 06:34:43 PM
Amelia looked back up at the pilot and Jesse, "Wait, is this it? What about the other two?" She stood up and looked back into the pod, "Wasn't there anyone else?"

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: BEB0P December 16, 2012, 06:42:07 PM
"They didn't make it." Deamon said, glancing at Amelia as he rose. He journeyed back into the Bumblebee and examined Anderson's body.

Jesse shrugged. "Anderson didn't make it, either." His tone was rather neutral for losing a squad mate.

Deamon yanked off Anderson's dog tags and tossed them to Jesse. "Remember him." He then proceeded to loot the deceased's MA5B assault rifle and M6 sidearm, as well as the additional ammo and supplies.

"I saw a black smoke plume to the north. My guess is you-enn-ess-see. Can I get a confirmation?" He asked, glancing at Marcus.

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: Spartan-777 December 16, 2012, 07:46:11 PM
The Lieutenant had exited the escape pod. He paced around it, surveying the damage as he adjusted his flight jacket. "The comms are dead. Your guess is as good as mine."

He saw Deamon retrieve a few M6 magazines and held up one of his own, rapping it lightly against the side of his helmet to hear the spring rattle. Empty.

"Can you spare a few rounds of that?"

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: BEB0P December 16, 2012, 08:55:00 PM
"'Course," Deamon replied, handing Marcus four out of the six that were on Anderson's person. "Make 'em count." He looked at Jesse. "We'll go check it out. Best to vacate before any Covenant show up."

Jesse nodded. "Sound idea, sir. Into the brush, then?"

"You know it." He replied. "I'm taking point. The rest of you- form up behind me. Haskall and Verve, either side. Miles, keep eyes on our six."

When the remainder of the team was ready, they took their formations and entered the brush. Their path was overshadowed by the countless green-rich trees that towered over them. In the distance, running water could be heard, as well as the sounds of various wild life. The beach the team had landed at became little more than a spec in the twenty-one minutes of jogging and frequent running.

Occasionally the team paused and hunkered down in a patch of shrubbery to survey the area. At these times, Deamon attempted to raise an allied comm network, but to no avail. There was simply no one in range. The plume of smoke in the distance seemed to be getting larger, if only by a small amount.

Suddenly the familiar whine of alien engines filled the air. The veteran Sergeant waved everyone back into a nearby shrub as the Spirit-class drop ship came to a hover on the other side of the river and unloaded its payload comprised of a trio of Elites- two blue, the other, crimson, a sextet of minor Grunts, and two pairs of Jackals.

"Why didn't we see any of the squawkers on the Autumn?" Jesse whispered, adjusting his aim.

"They're pirates." Deamon answered, his voice just as low as Jesse's. "The Covenant don't let them fight ship-to-ship because they may steal important technology."

Jesse laughed dryly. "Yeah. Like we have anything the Covenant could possibly want."

Deamon shrugged. "Eh-Eyes, maybe. Nav data."

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: Danny December 16, 2012, 10:11:59 PM
"How do you know they're pirates?" Amelia asked quietly, shifting closer to get a better look, "You seen'em with a Jolly Roger on their shields?"

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: BEB0P December 16, 2012, 11:14:50 PM
"No, like..." Deamon sighed. "I was on this one Op with a squad on Sidewinder, where I had to search a base for survivors, and four of those squawkers where tearing apart a Hornet for spare parts. Brutes came in, and started yelling at 'em. Soon there was this whole firefight."

"What'd you guys do?" Jesse asked. "Just sit and watch?"

"Oh, hell no." He replied. "We finished it. Suppressed weaponry tore through them like chum."

Jesse nodded slowly. "What are we going to do about them?"

Deamon scanned the area for a moment, then raised his hand. "See that waterfall, just over there?" He said, gesturing. "Let's get up there. Does anyone have a grenade on them?"

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: Spartan-777 December 20, 2012, 08:16:21 PM
Marcus racked the slide of his M6 as quietly as possible. "Negative," he responded to Daemon. "Should we sneak around?"

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: Danny December 25, 2012, 07:07:10 PM
"I have five," Amelia said, looking at Deamon with a blank face. She maintained that look for about two seconds, "No. I don't have a grenade. I'm a medic. But I have a scalpel. Do you want me to scalpel them?"

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: BEB0P January 01, 2013, 10:04:23 PM
"I have a few, sir." Haskall added. "What's the plan?"

"We're going to make a diversion, sort of." The Sergeant gestured towards the waterfall. "Up there, double time, as quiet as you can."

It only took a few minutes to reach the top of the waterfall, November Team remained in the bushes, watching the Covenant patrol wander around. Deamon gestured for Haskall to cross the stream, taking a single grenade with him. Deamon carried the second grenade.

"Alright, once these explode- open fire." He waited a few moments before picking a target- The Major Elite standing next to a trio of Grunts. Once he felt ready, Deamon signalled Haskall, who gave him a thumbs up. He sucked in a breath, counted to three, pulled the pin, and threw the grenade.

The balled explosive hit the crimson-armoured alien in the head, and dropped to its feet. The Elite barely had time to react before the grenade exploded. Haskall's landed between the pair of blue armoured Minor Elites, killing them on the spot when his grenade went off. Only the stragglers remained now, the Jackals, four of them, an injured Elite and five Grunts. Deamon began to fire at them using his assault rifle.

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: Spartan-777 January 05, 2013, 10:53:02 PM
Marcus managed a subtle smirk. The ambush had worked as intended, thinning out the enemy forces enough to be finished off by combined small arms fire. The pilot contributed to their assault every few seconds, popping up to send a round down range before taking cover to repeat the process.

He had never been an exceptional marksman, but a few of his shots were rewarded with a spray of flourescent alien viscera, and he'd managed to get around one of the Jackal's shields. Emerald plasma bolts were still lancing up at himself and his comrades, but there were fewer now. The pilot crouched behind a boulder and waited for the others to finish things up.

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: Danny January 05, 2013, 11:39:04 PM
"FFFFFFFFFUCK!" Amelia suddenly exclaimed, who had inexplicably at that instant become overwhelmed with rage. She roared a fierce battlecry that caused all surrounding Grunts to soil their suits to the point of them choking to death on their own excrement. She proceeded to charge the Jackals head strong, giving them the finger as she emptied her entire sixty-round magazine from the hip, all the while screaming profanities.

Three of them were killed, leaving the last. She proceeded to drop her rifle and chase down Jackal, tackling the xeno to the ground and promptly gouging its eyes out with the finger of his fallen comrades.

Now only the Elite remained, who all this time, could only watch on in horror. Amelia slowly rose from the Jackal's corpse and starred directly at the split-jawed, suit soiled xeno scum. Her face was glowing read and twitching with anger. She was one angry marine.

As the Elite took one nervous step backwards, Amelia immediately responded; "SHIT EATING LIZARD FUCKING BITCH."

Amelia threw herself at the Elite, wielding only a medical grade scalpel. She grabbed the Elite and swung herself over onto his shoulders, where she then began driving the blade into the xeno. Its screams could be heard for miles.

When the Elite finally dropped to its knees and then to the ground, she leaped off and proceeded to kick it in the balls. Assuming they even had them. Which she doubted. Xeno faggot.

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: BEB0P January 17, 2013, 04:37:09 AM
The Covenant occupation in the area in particular had been dispatched. To Deamon's assumptions, it would either slow down the Covenant presence in the area or merely make them more ambitious in hunting November Team. He loaded a fresh magazine into his MA5B assault rifle and gestured to the base of the waterfall. "Verve, Miles. Grab a few plasma rifles- Double time."

"What about me, sir?" Haskall asked, shouldering his rifle.

"You're going to keep an eye on my back while I watch theirs'."

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: Danny January 18, 2013, 08:39:59 PM
Verve did so, moving into the open to search the Covenant corpses. She was almost out of ammo, so what she had left, she offered to Deamon. She picked up a plasma rifle and stashed her pack with two plasma grenades. Next time the sarge asked for some explosives, she should be able to deliver. 

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: Spartan-777 January 18, 2013, 10:30:48 PM
"Copy that."

The pilot poked his head up, and with a cursory glance in both directions (as one would do before crossing the street), hurried down the slope towards the aftermath of the ambush.

He soon spotted what he was looking for: the gleaming carapace of an Elite rifle. He stooped to retrieve it, hefting its unfamiliar weight to examine the readouts on the side. If there was a means of discerning how many rounds were left, it was beyond his understanding. He was going to assume it wouldn't be enough, though, and pocketed one of the Grunt's sticky grenades, just in case.

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: BEB0P January 23, 2013, 06:13:47 AM
While the rest of November Team scavenged for ammunition and weapons, Jesse was on watch. Once satisfied with the fact that there was nothing interesting going on with Deamon and the other two, he moved upstream. It was at this time he decided to sit down and relax for a moment or two. The team would rendezvous with him when they were ready.

The Marine fell to his knees before the creek, visually showing the signs of his fatigue. Taking off his helmet and tossing it aside(Along with his rifle.) and began splashing water on his face. Suddenly he coughed, spitting whatever water had made it into his mouth back into the stream. Jesse rubbed his forehead and studied the rainbow discolouration in his aquatic reflection, ignoring the butchered avian craws nearing him.

'That's jet fuel...' He thought to himself. He looked upstream, hoping to find the source. He tapped his ear. "Sergeant-" Oh, right. His ear piece was in his helmet.

But just as he reached for it, something lunged at him from the treeline- A Jackal! And not one, but two! The first quickly pinned the Marine down and snapped at him with its saliva-soaked beak-like mouth. Jesse responded to this by leaning his head to either side and punching the Jackal with his only free hand, attempting to wrestle the other free.

He shouted for the help of his squad mates and used his strength to launch the Jackal off of him using his legs. It was a success, if only for a few seconds of breathing room; The second Jackal was already coming in for its turn with a dangerous and hungered haste. The last thing Jesse wanted was to be some tree-turkey's brunch.

So, acting as quickly as any other Marine under distress, he reached for his weapon and discharged a short burst into the air, hoping to at last get his squad mates' attention.

* * * * * * *

Deamon perked his head up at the sound of a burst of assault rifle rounds upstream. "Haskall." He tapped his comm link. "Verve! Miles! Gather what's in your hands and get back up here! Haskall's in trouble- upstream." He ordered on the run towards the sound of the gunshots.

Once there he found Haskall; Alive, but in need of immediate assistance. He was wrestling a single Jackal in the stream, both attempted to drown the other. Deamon trained his MA5B on them, but couldn't get a clear enough line of sight on Haskall's opponent. Another Jackal noticed the Sergeant and activated its shield before quickly discharging emerald bolts of heated plasma at Deamon.

The ODST rolled out of the way of the first flurry of bolts and sprinted closer to the bird-like alien, meeting a convenient rock to cover behind in between them. This would have to do until the rest of November arrived to assist. For now, Deamon maintained suppressing fire on the Jackal that wasn't fighting Haskall, in hopes of keeping the second one away from the Marine. He mentally thanked Amelia for the extra assault rifle rounds.

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: Danny January 24, 2013, 06:41:01 AM
Amelia arrived on the scene, climbing atop a boulder on the Jackal attacking Deamon's flank. She had absolutely no idea how to aim with this Plasma Rifle, so she squeezed the trigger and pumped out some plasma bolts. She aimed using the trail, which initially was nowhere near her target. Eventually she led it to the Jackal, hitting its shield until it burst.

It was up to Deamon to finish it off, however, because Amelia was not familiar with the plasma rifle- or its tendency to overheat. The exhaust flaps opened as Amelia threw the weapon out of her hands. She cried in pain, brought on mostly by the surprise, and jumped back behind the boulder to recover. 

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: BEB0P January 25, 2013, 09:21:31 PM
Deamon acknowledged Verve's assistance; He would check on her after Haskall was safe. The Jackal that Amelia had combated was still staggered from its shield being dispersed. Deamon would use this to his advantage.

He climbed over his cover and sprang into action. He darted towards the Jackal and unsheathed his combat knife. Once within striking range, he plunged the blade into the Jackal's chest and thrust his fist down onto the bird-like alien's cranium.

It was at that time that Haskall had finally succeeded in breaking his opponent's fragile neck with a loud cracking sound. He panted heavily as Deamon offered a hand to Haskall, his helmet in the other.

"Thank you, Sergeant." Haskall nodded, taking his helmet back.

Deamon nodded and looked at Amelia. "Verve, are you alright?"

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: Danny January 26, 2013, 10:41:53 AM
She emerged from behind the same boulder, holding the plasma rifle in the opposite hand while her burnt hand looked hastily bandaged. She approached Haskall and Deamon, standing before them with the rifle up to her shoulder and sticking her hip out; it was a strangely feminine pose for her to be striking. 

"Never a dull moment, eh?"

She then brushed past Deamon and approached the waters edge. "Thanks for telling me this thing overheats, by the way."

She kneeled down by the edge and pulled out her water container, while simultaneously submerging her burnt hand. That's when she noticed the rainbow coloration in the water.

"...Do Covenant use jet fuel?"

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: BEB0P January 28, 2013, 01:27:47 AM
"I don't even think they use fuel." Haskall put his helmet back on and retrieved his assault rifle. "At least, I've never seen them refuel any of their vehicles." He shrugged. He looked to Deamon, who's visor was polarized as he stared at the faint smoke plume upstream. "Sir?"

"One of ours."

"My thoughts exactly."

"We move upstream- find the source." The Sergeant said, before noticing Verve's posture and bandaging. Recalling his past experience as a field medic, his brow furrowed as he took the bandaging off and reapplied it with a more steady hand. "Where's Miles?"

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: Danny January 28, 2013, 08:39:38 PM
Verve pulled away her hand to finish the bandaging herself and then stepped around Deamon. This asshole; trying to father her. In response to his questions, she looked back behind her to where she expected Miles to be. 

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Spartan-777 January 28, 2013, 10:08:21 PM
Marcus arrived at a jog, slowing his pace as he approached. "I ah, I'm here."

His newly acquired Plasma Rifle was cradled somewhat awkwardly in his arms. In the time it had taken him to retrieve it and attempt to familiarize himself with it, the Marines had already dispatched the latest threat. He shifted uncomfortably, mildly embarassed.

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: BEB0P January 29, 2013, 03:27:22 AM
"Try to keep up, huh?" Deamon nodded to Miles, giving a thumbs up gesture and waving him over. He then turned to Amelia again. "Fire in bursts. Count to three when holding the trigger mechanism, then let off and count to three again so it doesn't overheat on you- Damn things can give you second-degree burns."

He refreshed his own assault rifle with a new magazine and signaled the group to follow. "To the origin of that smoke- Double time."

((OoC: Just post a reaction thing or two. I'll think up a plot advancement in a bit.))

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: Danny January 29, 2013, 05:25:21 AM
"Let's hope the Covenant didn't get there first."

She wasn't so sure about this- if the Covenant weren't there, they sure would show up any time. And if they were already there, then they had just walked into another firefight. Verve set off with the rest of group, keeping a keen eye on the horizon.

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: Spartan-777 February 10, 2013, 02:17:58 PM
The pilot trotted off after them, taking up a position in the middle of the group. After a few minutes of silence, he spoke up.

"So... where are we?"

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: BEB0P March 01, 2013, 10:13:06 PM
"I don't even know, man." Jesse shrugged. "We jumped from Reach and that's the last thing I can really remember as to where we are." He glanced down at the compass on his assault rifle's ammo counter. "Needle says North is to our left."

Deamon glanced up at the horizon. "We're on a ring world."

"Sir?" Jesse looked at the Sergeant.

He shrugged. "When I was younger- high school, I think, I read a book by a man named Niven about a protagonist who discovered a ring world in deep space, much like this. I'm not too big on the details, but I'm pretty sure this is a space station, of some sort."

"What do you think it does, then?" The Marine asked, most curiously. "Observation? Research? Outpost?"

"Maybe all three." Deamon replied taking glances at the possible flanking positions around the team. "Not like we can say for certain, though."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there, then."

In a few moments, the smoke from the destination became thicker. November was near their destination. Deamon gestured for the team to sprint the last lengths, and in no time they came to a rocky clearing with the remains of an overturned Longsword Bomber scattered about. The bay doors were cracked open, although not enough for anyone to slide through.

"Haskall, help me with the door. Miles, Verve, keep us covered."

The two jogged towards the hatch and set themselves up on either side. When ready, they both nodded to each other and lifted the ramp until its hydraulic systems did the rest of the work. They picked their rifles back up and activated the flashlights on their weapons.

The illuminated bay revealed a mess of technical equipment and loose wiring sparking all over. On the walls however revealed a pair of shotguns and a pair of MA5B assault rifles in a rack that was hanging off of its resting place.

"Is anyone in here?" Deamon spoke. "This is Sergeant Deamon Puskas, leader of Fireteam November. If anyone is alive in here, please respond!"

A man coughed from the location of the cockpit. Weakly, he extended his hand. "I'm here..."

"Oh, shit..." Deamon lowered his rifle and gestured for Amelia to follow him. "Corpsman, with me!"

The pilot unfastened himself from his seat and fell to the floor in a heap. He was still breathing, but he needed medical attention.

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: Danny March 01, 2013, 10:58:14 PM
Amelia crawled through the ship and then past Deamon to get the pilot. At first glance she noticed several lacerations (some serious but mostly minor) and respiratory issues. Injuries typical for a violent crash from orbit onto an alien ring-world. For the most part he appeared to be in a stable condition.

"What's your name and rank, pilot? Can you tell me where you hurt? Any tingles? Do you know where you are right now? Wait, don't worry about that last one." 

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P March 01, 2013, 11:12:04 PM
The pilot let out a hoarse cough. "First Lieutenant Matthew Lee. And everywhere, it feels like... gash on my side." He looked up at the seat next to his. "...Dahmer didn't make it."

Deamon crouched beside Amelia. "And the crash?"

"We were escorting your pod down when we were hit from behind by a Covenant bomber. Seraph, I'm guessing." He looked Deamon in the eyes. "Glad to see you guys made it."

He nodded. "Your efforts won't be in vain. Are you comms working?"

Lee shrugged. "Probably. Couldn't reach them in my condition."

With another nod, Deamon leaped up, grabbing hold of the pilot seat and became to bring the communications systems back to life. "This is You-Enn-Ess-See Sergeant Deamon Emm Puskas, leader of Fireteam November. Are there any allied units in the area? We have five members, one of them wounded. If anyone's out there, please respond. I repeat- Please respond!"

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: Danny March 01, 2013, 11:21:39 PM
For the first few seconds, which surely felt like minutes, nothing came back on the comms but static. But then a voice, a distorted voice (but definitely human) replied. Nothing could be understood until the final word of the transmission; "Inbound."

Amelia looked over at Deamon. She shugged and then turned her attention back to the pilot.

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: Spartan-777 March 02, 2013, 03:22:59 PM
Marcus came to a halt at the ramp to keep watch, as he had been told. His eyes swept the area for any sign of movement, any sign of gleaming alien armor.

He glanced back into the hatch as Verve was called inside. For all the damage the battered craft had sustained, the pilot was still alive, then. But looking over the Longsword, it didn't seem as if it would be leaving the ground any time soon.

His eyes returned forward. Of all the forsaken alien rocks he could have crashed on, at least he had hit one with a nice view.

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny March 11, 2013, 09:08:27 PM
Being in the middle of uncharted space, stranded on an alien world and trapped in a titanium box was starting to make Amelia feel a little claustrophobic. The lack of any further transmission coming back wasn't helping, either. After a minute of trying to distract herself with the pilot, she decided to go outside for some air.

"Watch him," she told Deamon, packing her materials back into her medical bag, "Holla if you need me. I'm heading out for a second."

Amelia shielded the sun from her eyes as she stepped back out onto the dirt. It was so dull in that ship. An interesting thought for her to be having, and she realized that soon after thinking it. She shook her head and stood next to Marcus, overlooking the horizon. And what a horizon it was. She'd been here for about two hours now and she still hadn't fully taken in her surroundings. A ring world. A ring. She was on a ring. Amelia looked up at the sky in total awe, then down to completely foreign flora. Even the rocks looked alien. She tried to hide her amazement, but wasn't doing a very good job at it.

But then the unmistakable sound.

That whine, that sound Amelia thought a depressed Siren would make.

Coming from the direction the smoke was flowing; two Spirits whose approach had been visually masked by the trees.

She slapped Marcus' shoulder, "Heads up. Get to cover and stay there!"

Then she turned and ran through back for the ship, stumbling as she did to reach her plasma rifle. Once she had made it back to the Longsword's entrance, one of the Spirits was overhead with its troopbay doors opened. She yelled, "We got company! Dropships!" 

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: BEB0P March 14, 2013, 07:13:33 PM
Deamon raised his head as the familiar whining pierced his ears; Twenty-plus years of fighting the same enemy would make it difficult to not discern what was coming to kill you. Handing off his sidearm to the pilot, Deamon rose to his feet and marched towards the opening in the Longsword. "Defensive positions, everyone! We do not let them inside!"

He counted three Spirit dropships. Two of them sporting Wraith tanks; A large, bulbous land vehicle employed by the Covenant as a countermeasure for the Scorpion tank that was used by the UNSC. At this point there wasn't a whole lot that the veteran ODST wouldn't give for one of those. But there were battles in the past that Deamon was assured of that he wouldn't survive- Reach included- so this was nothing he hadn't faced before.

Training his assault rifle on the incoming Grunts, all clad in orange, red and green armour, he fired short controlled bursts at each, while ordering Amelia to hit the Jackals and the Elites with her plasma rifle. Jessie would finish those targets off while the corpsman let her weapon cool down. Marcus was ordered to be selective, and join Deamon in picking off the little guys.

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny March 19, 2013, 02:37:38 PM
Making only pot-shots at the Grunts, Amelia concentrated her fire on the Elites. She discovered the plasma was excellent in dropping their shields, and so that's what she did; fired on the Elites until their shields dropped and then retreated to another position while one of the other boys finished it off. Cover wasn't much of an issue thanks to the Longsword debris, but with the deployment of one of the Wraiths and a Spirit loitering overhead, she was finding herself further and further back towards the ship.

What would they do against two Wraiths and three Spirits? Infantry they could handle. Maybe. But pretty soon they were going to have to make a call; run or hold. Neither preferable, and both meaning certain death. One just more delayed than the other.

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Spartan-777 March 19, 2013, 06:56:43 PM
As the wave of enemy reinforcements descended upon his fellows, Marcus realized the Covenant must have located the shattered lifepod more quickly than expected. This was an undesirable turn to a less-than-ideal day.

He clutched his alien rifle and wheeled after Daemon, sliding into cover beside the ODST. Marcus pulsed his plasma weapon in the direction of the Grunts, heard the whine of return fire as he huddled behind the barricade. Explosions, shouts, everything seemingly punctuated by the steady rythm of Daemon's MA5.

It'd take a lot more than assault rifles to bring down the tanks, but Marcus tried not to let that distract him from the task at hand. He kept firing.

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P April 18, 2013, 07:54:52 PM
The thunderous, repeated pounding of Deamon's assault rifle yet again ceased. Once more he repeated the action of dispelling the magazine from the weapon's stock and fumbled around his person for a new one. Only this time there were no longer any fresh magazines. He glanced at Marcus, whom was crouched down beside him discharging plasma bursts from the Covenant rifle he was holding. What he wouldn't give for a loaded weapon right about now.

"Wraith mortar! Take cover!" Someone shouted. Likely Jesse. A bright blueish purple ball of searing plasma was steadily descending towards the remains of the Longsword bay.

"Everyone to the cockpit of the Longsword!" Deamon ordered, pushing Marcus into a rapid slide down into the cockpit, followed by himself. To avoid crashing into Marcus at the bottom, the ODST grabbed onto the support beam midway down and held on.

"Sir," Jesse spoke, his voice clearly sounding fatigued. "Those Wraiths are going to tear evac apart, let alone us."

"And the Covenant outnumber us three to one, yeah, I know." He tapped his comm piece. "Evac, this is Sergeant Puskas. Sorry to rush you but do you think you can get here before we're toast?"

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny April 24, 2013, 11:26:58 AM
"The evac isn't coming!" Amelia yelled over the battle, "This ship's radio is toast, we probably didn't even get a message out. We need to run, sir."

She gave Deamon a second to think about that. He heard that broken transmission too; it could have just been some feedback from somewhere else on this ringworld.

But suddenly, one of the Spirits started to, as best as Amelia could describe, choke. Its definitive whine became sputtered. She moved to a hole in the Longsword to observe. She caught glimpse of a large object screaming overhead; it moved so fast it was only a blur. Then the Spirit that was revealed to be on fire came spinning to the ground, right on top of two of the Wraiths. The explosion was a fantastic bright blue that illuminated the inside of the Longsword for a moment. The Remaining Spirits then took off after the mystery attacked.

That left one Wraith and the last of the infantry to mop up.

Amelia looked back at the others, "Shall we?"

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P April 27, 2013, 01:42:11 AM
"Come on, November!" Deamon shouted. He couldn't help but to grin beneath his visor. As the team emerged from the threshold of the Longsword's bay doors, the scene before them was utter chaos, yet slightly comforting, seeing as it was Covenant infantry as opposed to their own.

"Verve, stay with Lieutenant and give us cover fire." He shoved his assault rifle into her hands and gestured at the spare ammunition on the last intact rack. "Miles and Haskall! Mop up the rest of them."

"What about that Wraith?" Jesse asked.

"Try to piss it off, I've got an idea!" Deamon replied, picking up a nearby by plasma grenade just as he broke into a sprint, intending to flank the Covenant tank.

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny April 30, 2013, 02:20:52 AM
"What the hell did he mean 'try to piss it off'!"? Verve yelled at Jesse as Deamon ran for the tank, "How the hell are we supposed to lay down covering fire on THAT!?"

Without her answer, Verve shrugged and thought 'fuck it' and squeezed the trigger on Deamon's assault rifle.

"Over here!" She blurted between shots, "You purple sack of shit! Over here!" 

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Spartan-777 May 03, 2013, 09:12:08 PM
The pilot hurried off to take up another position and mop up the remaining infantry. Even amidst the exchange of plasma fire, he still kept throwing nervous glances in the direction of the Wraith.

"I really hope they have a plan for that..."

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P May 07, 2013, 02:15:08 AM
While the rest of his team distracted the remainder of the Covenant infantry, Deamon sidled around a rock, making certain that he remained unseen by the Wraith tank. He swore to himself, steeling his nerves to pull off a maneuver he had only seen Spartans complete successfully. Then again, Deamon was an ODST. And anything a Spartan could do, a member of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers could replicate.

A new-found inspiration, Deamon counted to three and rolled over his cover and broke into a B-Line for the Covenant tank. At the last second, seemingly, the Wraith's gunner noticed the him and turned his plasma cannon on human trooper. Deamon cursed out loud this time, and performed a tactical roll behind another large rock. Thankfully he was close enough that the Wraith wouldn't use its primary cannon against him.

Then there was a burst of automatic gunfire. Deamon guessed that it was from an MA5B assault rifle, and the angry, unintelligible retort from an Elite confirmed it. He peeked out from behind his cover, just as the Elite manning the Wraith's turret turned in the other direction.

This was his opening.

Deamon drew his combat knife and sprinted at the Wraith, hopping onto its frontal wing and climbing up to meet the turret operator. The Elite turned its head and roared at Deamon, but was quickly silenced when the shock trooper literally shoved his knife down its throat and aggressively withdrew the blade. Dead within seconds. The Wraith's primary operator must have noticed, and in response to the death of its gunner the tank began to sharply jerk to the left and right, in hopes of shaking Deamon off.

He acted quickly, sheathing his knife and desperately holding on to the Wraith as he climbed his way to the rear of the vehicle. "For fuck's sake please stop moving!" He groaned as his stomach began to feel queasy. Producing the plasma grenade he had scavenged from earlier, Deamon activated the explosive and quickly stuck it to the exhaust port of the Wraith. Then, as the grenade ignited and Deamon leaped from the Covenant tank, the said vehicle ignited in a brilliant mess of blue and white flame.

"Artillery neutralized." He coughed, rolling over onto his back and sitting up, breathless. "Evac you are clear for landing."

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny May 07, 2013, 03:43:50 PM
"That was impressive," Verve panted, out of breath from the battle, "Really, really impressive..." She stood up fully from behind her cover and walked out from behind it. She realised she was being to kind on the matter.

"That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen!" She called out to Daemon, "No, really, that was fucking stupid!"

As she arrived by the tank, air had begun gushing down on top of them. There was a whirling sound, like a tornado but not natural. A solid grey titanium object emerged from over the tree tops.

A staticky and obviously sarcastic reply came over the radio, "Nah, don't worry about me guys, 'had no trouble ditching those Spirits at all."

The Pelican's landing gear lowered and put down by the wreck of the Wraith.

"Attention passengers; Flight SNAFU is now boarding. If you're one of our gold airline members, you may now select your seats in first class. If you're one of our shit shovelling UNSC grunts, you may now also board through the trash compactor. My name's Frederick Holmes and I'll be your captain today."

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P May 07, 2013, 11:54:00 PM
Deamon shrugged. "I aim to please." He would brag; If only there were friends to brag to. "Artyom would've been proud, I know that much." He said to himself, shaking his head as if someone had made a bad pun. He hopped onto the Pelican dropship's ramp and helped Jesse lift the injured Longsword pilot on board. He turned around, somewhat surprised at the sight of and ODST and a marine with a rocket launcher set on her lap. "Picked up a few strays, huh?"

The Marine made no acknowledgement, but the other one...

"Dom? Where'd you run off to? Where's Donald?"

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Specs May 08, 2013, 01:33:40 AM
"I'm afraid the old man got on another flight, a one way flight to hell with the Covenant.   That or knowing his luck he is somewhere where the Autumn went drinking rum with some the ladies.  Let's just saying getting a ride off wasn't easy but we made it.   But hey I managed to pick up this chick right here, not a bad  trade I guess" said Dom pointing to the Marine.  
He smirked and wrapped his arm around the marine, only to be shoved off and scoffed at.   The marine rolled her eyes at him and he could of swore he heard her mutter "in your dreams buddy".    

Dom started to laugh, sometimes during hard times you had to just laugh it off and keep looking at the bright side, Donald taught him that.  Besides he wouldn't want him to be sad, he probably would of made some smart ass comment asking when did a girl scout transfer into his unit.  

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: BEB0P May 08, 2013, 03:29:46 AM
Daemon smirked and sauntered into the cockpit. He noticed a familiar face; The pilot from the Autumn! The one he had given his weaponry to. "Glad to see you made it off, too. Where's home?"

: Re: Flawless Cowboys
: Danny May 08, 2013, 10:19:29 AM
The pilot looked over his shoulder, immediately remembering the ODST. "Oh hey, you made it! November, right?"

Before answering Daemon's question, he closed the troop bay hatch and pushed off. Coming to a hover just above tree level, he pitched the thrusters to adjust his heading.

"Where's home? Well, where to begin..."

With the birds' engines now fully horizontal he pushed the throttle all the way down. The engines roared as the Pelican sped towards its destination.

"I was born in 2520, in a small, backwards, POS hole in the ground called Alice Springs. It's in the middle of the bloody desert and in the almost 1000 years it's been around, it hasn't changed one bit. But that's home," He looked over to Deamon with a grin, knowing too well that's not the question he was asking.

Looking back to the controls, he said, "Alpha Base. Some stupid hill the Covenant had, which made some ODST's think it might be fun trying to take while their fucking Halcyon is burning up in atmosphere."

He looked back one last time, "Thanks for that pistol by the way. Bloody lot of good that did against those Hunters..."

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