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Title: Reveille
Post by: BEB0P on September 22, 2012, 07:18:15 AM
'Run. Just run.'

In the midst of an already crumbling battlefield, Deamon sprinted for his life. All around him was death. Humans, Covenant, everyone was fighting and dying. Nearby a civilian mother knelt under a pile of debris with her child. Looming over them was a massive alien warrior wielding a glowing two-pronged blade of plasma. An Elite, as the UNSC referred to them as. Deamon's heroic instincts kicked in, and he made a B-Line for the mother and her child just as the Elite raised its weapon. But as the soldier of the UNSC ran, the further away it seemed. He tried to shout, but to no avail. What about firing his weapon? Deamon brought up his MA37 assault rifle. No use. At this range his weapon would be no more efficient than a pea shooter. Suddenly another Elite flanked him.

Deamon let out a frightened gasp as his world was sent off balance. He had a small frame, but was as sturdy as the next seasoned Marine. His breathing echoed inside of his helmet as he staggered for a solid footing and blinked a few times to clear his vision. Okay, good. But where was the mother and... Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. The first Elite stood over the corpses of both the mother and the child, seemingly smiling.

The ODST screamed and charged at the Elite, despite being unarmed. Obviously no match for the hulking creature of war, its kick sent Deamon down once more. This time he was certain death was ready for him, and its reaper an alien wielding a pale white blade. But then there was a scream. A faint one, but enough for Deamon to hear. The voice, that of a woman's, shouted his name. It was Rachel. She was in danger, and there was nothing Deamon could do to save her. Life began to fade from his body as his gaze shifted over the Elite's shoulder. A glassing beam neared them. Closer.

And closer...

And closer...


* * * * * * *

UNSCDF Halcyon-class Cruiser, Pillar of Autumn
0050 HOURS, September 19, 2552(Military Calender)
Unknown location, Unknown system



Deamon awoke to find himself on the cold steel floor of his cabin. He let out a hoarse cough and groaned in pain. "What the- Why...?" he rubbed sleep from his eyes and glanced around the dark room. His bunk mate wasn't here.

'Right,' He thought to himself. 'Jeffreys was in cryo sleep right now.' As were about two thirds of the Autumn's crew. All non-essential personnel were put into cry-stasis during the random jump from Reach. "Fuck..." Reach. The UNSC's last stronghold defending Earth had now fallen. What was left to keep the Covenant occupied? All they had to do now is to take a look at where they haven't yet been.

A knock at the door startled Deamon and brought him back into focus. "Sergeant? You there?"
Deamon sighed. "Yeah. I'm here." he said as he rose. The cabin door slid open silently revealing a female naval crewman.
She saluted and continued. "Sir, you're needed in the armoury on deck seven. Further orders from there. Covenant's still tailing us."
"I'm guessing Cortana's expecting borders?"
The naval crewman nodded. "Very much so."
"Alright, I'll be there in ten."

The door slid closed again and Deamon put on his standard fatigues. His armour would be in the armoury. He caught himself at the door and quickly retrieved a picture of a young woman. Rachel, as it were. He brushed the photo with the back of his fingers and smiled fondly. When satisfied, he raced to the armoury on deck seven.

* * * * * * *

It seemed like the entirety of the Pillar of Autumn's personnel was in the armoury. Deamon didn't waste anytime to equip his battle-worn jet-black Orbital Drop Shock Trooper armour and side-armed an M7 sub machine gun and selected an MA5B assault rifle as his primary armament. Shouldering the weapon, Deamon carried his helmet around as his squad was to be assembled.

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Post by: Danny on September 22, 2012, 03:43:17 PM
Along the wall of one of the Pillar of Autumns many infirmaries, a two-way radio was positioned on top of a desk. Its speaker was pointed towards a woman who was standing in the center of the room. She wasn't the only occupant, there was a doctor and three nurses also scattered throughout, tending to wounded soldiers just brought out of cryo.

"But Covenant are coming, we need to gear up!"

The voice coming from the radio was of a male approximately 30-40 years old. He was talking to Amelia-Lee Verve, a UNSC field medic who volunteered to remain in the infirmary to lend an extra hand. She was in the process of clamping a wounded soldiers femoral artery. He had a Brute spiker round through his thigh, which Amelia took the chance on removing. She did anticipate the ruptured artery, but not how long it would take to locate and clamp. Having already lost a lot of blood prior, he just continued to lose more and more.

"I need another set of hands over here!"

A male nurse promptly arrived and applied pressure to the wound.

"He needs a transfusion," Amelia grunted, struggling to move half her hand and a clamping tool inside the wound, "Blood type A Positive."

The nurse replied immediately, "We're out."

Amelia said nothing after that. One of the most common blood types and they were out of it. The nurse may have well said 'Everyone's going to die.' Now she could do only pray to find the artery and clamp it in time.

"Is this guy sedated?" The nurse asked, after first noticing the trooper wasn't connected to any monitors and then noticing a lack of movement.

Amelia replied, "No-" Then she realized he had been awfully quiet for the last several minutes. "-Shit!"

The patient had gone into shock and fainted. The heart was failing to pump what little blood he had left. The nurse took his pulse while Amelia withdrew from the wound. Hardly any blood was flowing out, and the pulse was shortening.   

She flung her head down and growled. "God damnnit..."

"We can put him on oxygen?"

"No," Amelia said in frustration and anger, "Why prolong it..." She reached over to his neck and lifted up the dog tags. "Private Charles Ndiaye, Orbital Drop Shock Trooper; dead o-one hundred hours." She wiped the sweat from her forehead, leaving a bloody splotch. "Sorry you had to go, but be thankful it was this way."

She gave the nurse a nod of appreciation and then turned away back to the radio. Picking it up, she turned down the volume and replied. "Yeah, right, ok... what?"

"Damn it, Amelia, the Covenant followed us through slipspace; you gotta get out of that infirmary,"

She sighed and shook her head, "They won't give us a break, will they?"

"Meet me at the armoury, we need to gear up and you will need to be assigned to a squad,"    

"They need me here."

"You're a soldier, remember? Not a doctor. Get here, now. Deck 7. Out."

Amelia threw the radio down and turned back around to face the room. She had got the attention of those who could spare it. "I'm sorry, I have to go."

"We understand," replied the head doctor, "Listen, if you get the chance, remind some of the boys we're down here, alright? Wouldn't want the Covenant jumping us defenceless." The doctor laughed off his request like a joke, but Amelia knew he was truly serious and even scared.

"I'll come down here myself," she nodded, reequipping the same gear she wore during the battle of Reach. Standard harness with two minor differences, a large red cross on the chest plate and back of helmet, and extra pockets she needed to stitch herself. She then threw a dufflebag with supplies over her shoulder and left the infirmary.

Her forearms, forehead and lower chest still covered in blood.   

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Post by: Spartan-777 on September 22, 2012, 08:47:47 PM
The lieutenant moved down the corridor at a brisk walk. He wore a loose fitting flight jacket and carried a sophisticated-looking helmet in the crook of his arm. The stencil along the back of it identified him as Charlie 13.

The halls were buzzing with activity, with everyone gearing up in preparation of whatever was to come. Marcus reached down once again, letting his fingers brush against the heavy chrome M6D magnum on his hip. He had a feeling he would need it sooner, rather than later.

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Post by: Specs on September 23, 2012, 06:36:28 AM
Dom groggily made his way through the halls of the Autumn.   He hadn't been released from the cyrobay too long ago.  He coughed some of the film from his lungs, nasty shit this is why he hated cyro.
Reach was still fresh on his mind, especially since he got seperated from his squad, well everyone but Donald his CO.  Donald was the CO of Metal Team since he had enlisted and was placed in it.  Hell Donald was the only reason he was here now, in more than one way.   Donald was the one suggested they put him into the marines instead of throwing him in jail to straighten out his eighteen year old delinquent ass, and Donald just saved his ass on Reach.

"Do you think they are alright?" asked Dom uneasy. The fate of his squad mates was eating away at him since they violently got separated.

"I'm sure they're fine, managed to get off Reach somehow like we did.   I'm sure Cassy, Tom, and Paul
are fine, Serenity too.   Incase you haven't realized we have our own problems to worry about right now.   We can worry about a Metal Team reunion once we get our asses out of this bloody mess" replied Donald.  The Veteran Scottsman smoked a cigar.   

"Yeah you're right, we probably got the shit end of the deal.  Watch those bastards be back at The Junkyard on guard duty or on some beach planet full of hot chicks".   

"That's the spirit lad, now come on let's get to the armory on deck seven and get our gear before the covenant arrive.   Our fatigues won't do much against plasma, and we both only have a clip in our side arms.  We're shit out of luck if we run into the Covenant".   

The two increases there pace to a jog as they headed to the Deck Seven Armory.

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Post by: BEB0P on September 23, 2012, 11:00:19 PM
The armoury was a mess of marines and deck hands. Commissioned Officers were assigning soldiers that weren't already in squads(Particularly the army troopers that were rescued on Reach.). Deamon remained somewhat idle. When a CO looked at him, he pretended to be busy. Although one seemed to notice him, Melloway, a First Lieutenant. The stray ODST first came across Melloway when a Brute Minor nearly crushed him. Not only did Melloway decapitate the Brute, but with Deamon's help they succeeded in commandeering a Covenant vehicle.

"Fancy meeting you again." He said with a grin. "How you feelin'?"
Deamon shrugged. "I feel like hell."
Melloway smirked. "So better than the general populace." He cracked his neck and exhaled. "Okay. You're in charge of a team."
"Right..." He nodded with an unenthusiastic tone in his voice. But then his attention span kicked in and the information sank in. "Wait, what?"
"A team. You're in charge of Fireteam November."
"But I'm a straggler."
"And a Sergeant."
Deamon sighed. "Alright, then. Who's coming with me and what am I doing?"
Melloway grinned. "Love the enthusiasm. You'll be escorting a Bumblebee pilot and-" he turned slightly and called, "Verve!"

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Post by: Danny on September 23, 2012, 11:57:14 PM
Halfway to the armoury, Amelia had realised her state was less than presentable. She entered the deck seven armoury with a rag dampened with blood. Her hands and forehead were no longer obviously stained, but anyone who paid enough attention would notice the faded remains of Private Ndiaye.

She was immediately greeted by First Lieutenant Melloway, an ODST. He clearly knew Amelia, but for the life of her she couldn't remember his face. She was terrible with faces, but that was actually a blessing in disguise for a medic.

"Lieutenant," she greeted, noticing his rank. "Time to get back to it, right?"

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"Wonder where they are going to put us Donald, probably going to get reassigned for the time being since our unit broke up on Reach" said Dom.

"I'm not sure, but hopefully together so I can keep an eye on you.  Wouldn't want you getting in trouble or anything lad" said Donald.  "God knows what happen if I wasn't there to keep you in line, maybe being a Gunny will pay off for once, I'll see if I can pull any strings to keep us together".

The two troopers made there way into the armory, nodding to the Lt. and giving him a salute.     


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A panicked pilot came thumbling out of a room with his harness loosely fitted. He was supposed to be in the hangar giving his bird a pre-flight check, but was running late. He was struggling to tighten his bootstrap when he suddenly collided with someone out in the hall. The pilot further lost his balance and slammed into the wall, the person he rammed into experiencing something similar.

"Bloody hell," he exclaimed, repositioning his helmet after it was tilted in the slam, "Sorry about that." He pushed off the wall to see who he had met. It was a Bumblebee pilot. Miles. He remembered him from the barracks.

"Oh, never mind," he chuckled, removing the helmet to reveal a well shaven red haired individual, "You can't walk for shit so they stuck ya' in something that can only fly straight!" The pilot laughed, approaching Miles and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Heh, I'm only yankin' ya. Frederick Holmes, good to see ya. You head to or from the armoury?"     

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"Yeah, yeah, Sherlock. Try punching into hard vac with nothing but a set of air brakes and reverse thrusters, we'll see who's walking straight."

Marcus patted the pistol on his hip. "I haven't been to the armory, I already had my sidearm. Is that where you're headed?"

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Post by: Danny on September 24, 2012, 02:02:27 AM
Frederick laughed, patting Marcus' shoulder, "Haha, you're all right."

"I'm headed there now," he said, responding to his question. "Come on, you better come with. Shit'll hit the fan in a few minutes, we better see if we can get you something bigger than that peashooter." He gestured with his head to follow and took off. They were relatively close, and it only took a few minutes to make it to the armoury. 

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The pilot shrugged and trotted off after him. "Fifty caliber. It'll do. Not like we'll be dealing with any long-range combat on the Autumn."

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Malloway nodded. "That's right, Corpsman. Meet Sergeant Deamon Puskas. Your new boss."
Deamon gave a slight wave and a partial grin. "Good to meet you, Corporal."

Malloway shifted as the final three- no four members of the team filed in. "And there are your final members!" he said to Deamon.
"They just walked in, sir?"
"Sorry, all of the class sluts were taken."
Deamon rolled his eyes. "Alright, then."

An explosion from outside violently rocked the cruiser. Warning signals began to blare from the speakers and Marines and deck crewman were running about to their respective positions. Malloway un-shouldered his assault rifle and nodded to Deamon. "See you soon, Sergeant."

Deamon nodded to him and Malloway soon left with his own team. He turned to the newly formed Fire Team November plus two pilots. "Alright, team. I'm team leader, Sergeant Puskas. Let's move out. We have two pilots to escort."

They lingered in the armoury for another minute, allowing whoever was unarmed to equip themselves to their satisfaction. Once done, they would exit the room and trek down the hallways. Another explosion rocked the ship.

'Be advised, Covenant forces now boarding. I repeat, Covenant forces now boarding. Teams Alpha through Gamma to decks three and four.

"Ah hell..." Deamon groaned. Another explosion. He halted as he turned another corner, revealing a Covenant boarding party comprised of two Minor Elites armed with plasma rifles and a handful of grunts. Deamon immediately sought cover and shouted to his team, "Covenant boarding party! Fire at will, but neglect your explosives!"

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Amelia tipped her helmet as a greet/salute, "Likewise Sarge."

Just before the team left the armoury, Frederick armed himself with a M6 and a few extra mags. He overheard the sergeant say they were going to escort both pilots. But he had a feeling that would be a conflict of interest, considering one needed to go one way and the other needed to go another. He decided he'd stick with them as long as they could.

As the group rounded another corner, they came to face a Covenant boarding party. Small enough for them to handle, hopefully.

Amelia took up a position behind a ceiling support beam and readied herself. When the sarge gave the order to open up, she did so.  Peaking around the beam, she let the Covenant taste 60 round magazine furry once again.

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Gunfire erupted from the hallway, and after briefly poking his head out to see what was going on, Marcus hurried back and pocketed an additional magazine for his M6. So much for reaching his station unharassed.

He readied the weapon, and a ghostly crosshair appeared in his field of vision: a targeting reticle projected by his neural implant, both there and not-quite-there at the same time.

They settled on the nearest target he could acquire. He opened up.

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Deamon ducked his head for the first bit of the firefight in order to avoid the searing hot plasma produced from the Covenant soldiers' weaponry. He quickly inspected his rifle's magazine and reinserted it. Pulling the charge pin he said, "This is going to be a long day, I can already tell."

The veteran soldier rose and turned his body. His team had already began their focus on the Grunts, so he figured it'd be about time to start on the Elites. Taking aim at the nearest Elite Minor, Deamon depressed the trigger and watched its shields flare. Elites were smart, though, and unlike the Grunts they knew when to take cover. Such as this one did, along with its partner. Deamon quickly observed the battlefield in question. All of the Grunts were disposed of. Now it was just their leaders. "Split-lips are taking cover! Reload and take aim!"

He observed his MA5B's ammunition counter. It had depleted from its full sixty rounds to twenty-nine. "You see even a nose hair, you open up!"

The pair of Elites communicated with each other and turned to unleash a hail of plasma upon November Team. How would the human soldiers respond?

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Amelia's ammunition counter dropped to double-zero. She pulled back behind her pillar to reload, catching a quick gaze of the two Elites at the other end of the hall. She smirked to herself as she ejected her AR's empty magazine, reaching around for another. She claimed the life of one Grunt and wounded another. Slamming in the new mag and slapping the bolt, Amelia emerged from her cover and made for a closer one; time to push them back.

"Cover me!"

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The slide locked back and Marcus rummaged for a reload, jamming a fresh magazine into the pistol grip and sliding the empty one into an empty pocket. He resumed firing.

A high-caliber round impacted one of the Elites, sending spittle across the deck as it howled in an alien tongue. The shimmering field surrounding it popped as a volley of rifle fire tore into its midsection. Always the oppurtunist, Marcus fired again and sent a round through the creature's open faceplate. It lodged itself somewhere in the alien cranium, detonated, and sent a fine spray of purple mist and graymatter across the floor.

One down.

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Amelia hadn't made it far, but her distraction brought an Elite out of cover, allowing the pilot to land a headshot. She was now taking cover in an open maintenance walkway.

There was one left, and now she was closer to it. The split-lipped, ten foot tall, scaley bastard was pissed about something. Amelia couldn't exactly tell what, but she deducted that it might have something to do with his face being covered in his friend's brain matter.

She hadn't fired a shot since reloading, so she bet her chances in taking this thing down were good.

The Elite jumped out of cover and began running at the group. On a suicide mission after the loss of its squad, probably. As it fired plasma bolts down the hall, the rest of the group returned fire. Remaining concealed until the last moment, Amelia squeezed the trigger once the Elite had passed. It spun around in surprise, firing bolts widely as the group continued to tag it in the back. Amelia dropped into the walkway to dodge the fire, only narrowly avoiding being hit.

Another few presses of the trigger later, the Elite's shields popped and it staggered back into a wall as it was filled with lead. Now comfortably filled with enough bullets to fill two or more AR mags, the Elite slid down and fell into a pool of its own blood.

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Deamon, viewing the entire ordeal, was personally very impressed. "Not bad." He said to Amelia, giving a nod of approval. "I'd have joined in but this damn thing jammed on me." He said, ejecting the magazine and tossing the rifle at the Elite's corpse.

Picking up the fallen alien's plasma rifle he gestured in the general direction of the hanger. "We've wasted enough time here- Let's get these men to their birds, people."

* * * * * * *

It wasn't long until November Team had descended three more decks. Fighting through wave after wave of covenant boarding parties, they had regrouped with a mass of pilots fighting their way to their drop ships. An explosion erupted from down the hallway.

"Hold positions!" Shouted the woman seemingly in charge of the large group. Bolts of green and blue plasma pierced through the smoke and flames. Several connected with any unwise Marines and pilots, killing them instantly or at least severely wounding them.

"Everyone in cover!" She shouted again. Everyone who could grab cover did. Others provided suppressing fire.

Deamon immediately hid behind a combat barrier and called to Amelia, "Corpsman, pick out the dead from the still-able! We'll cover you!" He barked. "I want both of our pilots in the very back. Donald and Dom, you move up here with me to provide suppressing fire!"

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"Aye, sir!" Amelia immediately moved up the hall, using the chaos as cover to get to a low but wide support beam in the middle of the hall. Two pilots and a marine were already there, both the pilots being injured. After establishing their condition, she got to work on pulling others to her cover.

Despite his orders, Frederick was quick to arrive by Deamon's side. "Mate, listen; I appreciate the escort, but you've got another pilot that needs to get out of here. Only one of us needs to get to the hangar and that's me. If this gets to hot, you all need to go. You got that?"

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Dom and Donald quickly grabbed a pistol, an assault rifle, and mags for both when the fire fight died down.  The Corperal and Gunny weren't issued guns when they were thawed out, some bastard took guns he wasn't suppose to, or the bay didn't  have enough arms for everyone bloody unfrozen at the same time, it wasn't exactly an armory, it was a cyrobay.   

"Aye Sergeant.   You're doing a good job, at this rate I won't have to issue a single order to you blokes said Donald.  The Gunnery Sergeant delivered a hearty laugh. He provides covering fire with his assault rifle and Dom did the same.

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Deamon mulled over Frederic's request. With a sigh, he agreed. "Alright. If you're certain." He handed the pilot his plasma rifle just as another explosion erupted from down the hallway. This time a pair of cobalt-armoured behemoths boasting a gigantic shield and fuel rod cannon on either arm each emerged through the thick grey smoke. "Hunters", the Marines called them. These barbaric giants were seemingly unstoppable and always deployed in pairs, as well as required heavy and concentrated fire whenever they combated human resistance. As the Hunters lumbered down the hallways, the mass of human soldiers concentrated their fire.

Deamon swore as he glanced up from the combat barrier just in time to witness the demise of a pilot who got to close to a Hunter and, as consequence, was hit by a Hunter's shielded arm and crushed against the wall of the Autumn's hallway, becoming nothing more than a splattered red mess of flight gear and body. The veteran ODST winced and gave everything that was relevant to a firearm to Frederic. "Stay alive." He said, lightly knocking the pilot's helmet.

"HUNTERS FIRING!" Someone shouted. As both Hunters primed their arm-mounted cannons- signified by the bright green energy lighting up through the open parts of their weapon- the UNSC forces took evasive action. Some weren't as lucky. The first blast collided with the closest combat barrier and succeeded in melting through it, and to the pilots taking cover behind it, leaving behind only a thin cloud of smoke and black debris marks on the floor where they had once been. The second shot simply hit one of the multiple support beams in the hallway, forcing it to collapse and impede the Hunters' progress.

November Team would use this to their advantage. "November, pull out! We've got other things to do!" Deamon ordered. He waved for Donald and Dom to follow him, and ran past Amelia, tugging on her combat armour's collar. "Time to go!"

After gesturing Marcus to withdraw with the rest of the team, Deamon picked up a stray shotgun and led November Team to a temporarily safe(Only because of the fact that it was deserted.) section of hallway, far away from the Hunter pair. "Everyone here?" he asked. "Miles, what deck is your 'Bee on?"

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Marcus flinched, hearing another blast from the Hunters' arm cannons. The deck rattled.

"It's not too far from the bridge. Airlock 64," he said quickly. He felt the corridor reverberate beneath his feet.

He peered down the length of the hall to see if the Hunters had followed them.

"If I had a rocket launcher..."

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"Shit what are Hunters doing here?" asked Dom.   

"Easy now Dom, you sound like a Greenhorn who just got out of basic who has never seen a Hunter before.   We are away from them now and I suggest we keep it that way. Even with all your praying, I'm still putting my money on the hunters to kick your ass" responded Donald.   The Scottish veteran chuckled.       

"Well, let's get moving lads, from the sounds of things the Autumn is getting hammered  by the Covenant like a cheap prostitute, I'd rather be on this guys Bubblebee then in here when it happens". 


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Frederick looked down at his pistol and the Plasma Rifle he had just been given. Then he watched as November Team retreated down another hall. Nodding to himself, he gazed back down at the weapons.

"Well fuck this thing!" He laughed, throwing away the pistol and holding the rifle, "This will obviously be more effective!"  


Amelia finally followed after everyone, entering the vacant hallway after Donald's comment. She bent over with her hands on her knees and panted, "I just left behind men who needed me... and you..." She looked up at Donald, "Why are you talking like we've lost? Let's just regroup with another squad and go back there!"

She stood and looked at Deamon, "Those pilots needed us and we just left them! Sir, this is fubar!"

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"When you've been fighting the Covenant as long as I have, you know when you're in a losing battle.     In case you haven't realize, part of the Covenant fleet (OOC I am not sure how many ships the Arbiter brought with him to chase the Autumn initially.)  has followed us from Reach, god knows when the rest of it will arrive.    I'd rather be on the ground on that Hula Hoop then up here, closest place to here.        That is if that thing even has a breathable atmosphere, or a place we can set down.    Besides, we're probably going to have wounded on the ground ma'am, I'm sure they could use your help" said Donald.

(OOC Let me know if I am a bit premature with my thinking, and using too much outside knowledge here)

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(OoC: I think he'd know the full situation, but there'd be other who don't.)

Amelia looked at Donald with a look of confusion and shook her head, "What Hula Hoop thing?"

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"Out the bloody window, on the way to the armory I saw a giant hula hoop thing floating there in space.    Maybe some kind of Covenant Space Station or something, I don't know never seen anything like it before, it is like something out of a science fiction movie.    I don't think humans built it, that is for sure or we would of gotten bloody help already.
Either way I think it is our best bet, and it is where they told people to go" said Donald.

"I think you are just going senile and seeing things" teased Dom.

"You heard the guy in the cyro bay, make your way to a Peli or Bumblebee, the pilots are going to take you to safety.    I don't think we would make it the Gas Giant in lifeboats and Pelicans when we have all of these Covenant ships crawling about". 


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"The three of you- mouths shut for at least a minute." Deamon inspected the shotgun in his hands and glanced at each member of the group. "To answer all of your questions: a rocket launcher would risk 'holing the 'Autumn'. I don't care what the Covenant are packing- I'm not leading a bunch of aliens with a lust of reckless abandon... I'm leading a bunch of humans with reckless abandon- Much smarter."

The Sergeant pulled up a map layout of the Pillar of Autumn's superstructure. Airlock 64 was still a fair distance from November Team. To get there in the most minimal amount of time would require them to pass through one of the ship's maintenance ducts, then climb two decks to the correct one. As Deamon glanced around again, he pointed at Dom and Donald. "Conspiracy theorists, take point. I'm uploading our route to everyone's Heads Up Display. As always, Miles will stay in the middle and Verve will bring up the rear with me... Unless anyone wants to argue over the position of being vaporized by the Hunter pair first?"

After a brief silence, Deamon nodded. "Didn't think so. March!" As everyone passed by him, he waited for Amelia to pass by and grabbed her by the arm and leaned closer to her. As his visor de-polarized he brought his voice to a quiet tone. "I know the last thing you'd probably want to do is leave a dying soldier behind. I've been there, I know what it's like to be a medic. But even a Hunter pair couldn't take on a good thirty of the You-Enn-Ess-See's best." He patted he on the shoulder and gave a slight grin. "Go catch up. I'll be right behind you."

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Deamon was right, but that didn't mean Amelia had to be OK with it. Dying right then in a firefight while defending wounded sat better with her than dying later. But she wasn't the insubordinate type, so she nodded. "Yes, sir. Stop me when we find a window." She then shoved off his hand from her shoulder and jogged after the rest. Just because she wasn't going to say she wasn't pleased, didn't mean she wasn't going to show it.

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Miles did as instructed, following the procession down the hallway and making a mental note that the procurement of superior firepower might be in order, if things continued going south.

He reloaded his magnum sidearm, slipping the spent magazine into an empty pouch and slapping a new one into place. He racked the slide before making sure the safety was most definitely set to off.

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The team made there way forward, Donald and Dom leading the way.    Things were quiet for most of the way, the only signs of the battle going on the ship was corpses, blood and dropped equipment from both sides.   

"I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing" murmured Dom as he carefully stepped over the corpse of a fallen Marine.   "Who won?"

"Safer to assume we have a  Covenant patrol ahead of us who mopped up this squad, rather than our boys having cleared the way for us and are waiting for us at the Bubblebee with biscuits and milk.   Stay alert, this firefight seems relatively fresh".

"Yeah yeah Gunnery Sergeant Senile, why don't you put on your tinfoil helmet and try and contact your space hula hoop".   Dom held up a hand signal to stop as he looted a fresh assault rifle mag from a dead body, and he took another pistol and ammo for it.   Lord only knew when'd they would be able resupply again?
"We should probably get as much ammo as we can from these guys, maybe some weapons too.   Who knows when we'll be able to resupply when we get off the Autumn?"

"If we make it off" muttered Donald as he too picked up some fresh mags.

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As Deamon knelled before a body of a fallen Marine. He sighed lightly, but decided not to mourn her death. At this point in the war, there was no time for complaining and sitting around thinking about what once was... Instead, the veteran ODST simply scavenged the Marine's battle armour. His spoils, a single fragmentation grenade, and two small packages of shotgun shells, each containing six rounds. While not as much as Deamon had hoped for, it would do, for now.

Finally he withdrew the Marine's sidearm and dog tags. With a last glance, he gently closed her eyes and stored the pistol. "Right... We're not that far from the ventilation shaft. Dom, I want you on point..." As Deamon spoke, muffled, but weighted thumps could be heard around November Team. The standard Orbital Shock Drop Trooper helmet was not equipped with any sort of immediate IFF receiver. And even as Deamon attempted to pull it up, it was increasingly aware that whatever was in the walls, was surrounding them.

But as Deamon gestured for his team to be at attention, a single Covenant Grunt bursted from the ceiling duct above him, maliciously bloodthirstily pouncing on the ODST. The soldier shouted in panic, but was quick to remain in control of the situation. The weight of the Grunt sent them both to the deck, and it would seem that with the sizable claws, the pudgy alien would have the advantage. But even as they grappled, an entire swarm of Grunts fell from the ceiling; all squawking and shrieking as they ambushed November Team from every possible angle.

Knowing that the shrieks of the Grunt warriors would only suffice in gaining the attention of their allies, the team would have to act swiftly, and without hesitation. Deamon mustered up a small amount of energy and kneed his opponent in what he assumed was its groin. Then, when the Grunt was very briefly incapacitated, he fumbled for the combat knife located on the subordinate side of his chest-plate(Better known by few as the "Cross-draw position") and delivered a lightning-quick swipe across the alien donned in orange armour's neck; adding a personal touch by booting its breather mask and away from him.

"Fight them off, but keep moving for the ventilation shaft!" He barked to the rest of the team as he drew his M6-series sidearm and took aim at a Grunt wearing crimson armour. As it leaped for Marcus, Deamon fired two shots and the creature- both planted firmly in its skull and arm. He backed closer to Dominic and Donald.

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"Get off me you little shit!"

Amelia was tackled to the ground by the Grunt, and in the process becoming separated from her rifle. She pushed the creature off her and rolled over. As she began crawling for her assault rifle, the Grunt took hold of her ankle.

"Fuck off!"

She kicked the Grunt in the face with her spare foot. Once, twice, three times. "Fuck off, I said!" The fourth kick sent the grabby little runt rolling back. She then successfully took her rifle back in arms and rolled onto her back. As the Grunt attempted to leap at her again, she fired with a strong squeeze of the trigger. More ammunition spent than necessary, but at least it was dead.

Now covered in alien blood instead of human, Amelia stood up and prepared to follow Deamon's orders. She began slowly backing towards the ventilation shaft, firing short bursts on the ambushing Grunts.

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The squat figure hurtled towards Marcus on all fours, barking in their high-pitched alien tongue. After the initial shock had subsided, he realized that this was probably the ideal outcome of an ambush: the little ones were cowardly and poorly trained. It was certainly better than encountering Elites with active camo.

A double-tap stopped his assailant dead in its tracks, sending a thin stream of high-pressure methane jetting from the ruptured harness, and he suddenly found himself praying that none of the things ignited during the ensuing firefight. His sidearm excelled at close-quarters combat, but he didn't want to be cooked alive if something sparked off one of the tanks.

Something grabbed his foot as he fumbled for a reload, and the pilot delivered a particularly satisfying face-stomp to the creature below. The gas mask crunched beneath his boot, but the Grunt held on. "Stupid midget!"

He didn't know whether it understood him or not, but it seemed to get the gist from his tone of voice. After another moment of struggling, alien teeth clamped down on the pilot's leg.

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"Son of a bitch- Verve!" Deamon dispatched three more Grunt Minors and hurled his combat into the head of the Grunt clamping its mouth on Marcus' leg. "Verve, help me get Miles!" He waved her over and took his knife out of the miniature alien.

"Can you walk?" He asked Marcus.

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Amelia arrived promptly, nudging Daemon away from Marcus as she kneeled down beside him. "Let me worry about that; you cover us."

She brought over her pack and fished for a bandage. As she did, she pushed the pilot onto the floor and lifted the injured leg up and onto hers so it was elevated.

"You're fine," she said calmly, wiping the wound clear and wrapping the bandage around the injured area several times. After that was done, she lifted the leg off hers and dropped it onto the floor. That could have been done more delicately, but there was not time for special treatment. She stood and then extended her hand, "Let's see if you can put pressure on it."   

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Marcus stood up. "I'm fine. I hope it wasn't rabid or something."

As far as battle scars went, it was an unspectacular one: the teeth marks were clearly visible, but didn't seem to have broken the skin. He shook it off, and hoped the boarders would be dealt with soon.

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Amelia nodded, "If you go rabid we'll just put ya' down." Not clarifying whether or not she was joking, she then turned around to Daemon.

"We're good! Let's get the hell out of here!"

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Deamon loaded his shotgun to capacity. "Couldn't agree mo-..." Suddenly the Pillar of Autumn's, began to groan from stress. In the distance, a few muffled 'pops' could be heard. Deamon swallowed hard. "That's... not a good sound. Everyone up that shaft. Donald first, then me, Marcus, Verve, and lastly Dom."

The lights soon went out as the Sergeant motioned everyone for the ventilation shaft.

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(OoC: Hope no one minds, but I'ma push ahead here)

As the lights went out, Verve rushed everyone up the shaft. "I ain't fighting in the dark! Get your asses up there!" Once those ahead of her were in, she rushed after, quickly activating her rifle's flashlight.

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Marcus crawled up into the shaft, trying not to think of what might happen to them should shooting start in such close quarters.

He kept bumping into someone; the standard M6 didn't come with a light. But soon enough, a piercing white beam cut through the darkness.

"Let there be light," he muttered.

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The Pillar of Autumn's frame continued to groan, and again muffled explosions of varied distance could be heard all around November Team. After helping up Dom, who was the last member to climb to the top of the shaft, Deamon produced the shells he had lifted off of the dead Marine from earlier from his rucksack, and proceeded to load his still empty shotgun. Once finished, Deamon rose back to his feet, and switched on his weapon's flashlight.

Suddenly, a distress call pierced the earpieces of November Team's communications equipment. "This is Corporal Daniel Anderson, I am pinned down with three others at Airlock sixty-four. Are there- Aagh!" An explosion could be heard not only through the comm, and November Team could hear the blast from their current position. The transmission continued. "If there are any You-Enn-Ess-See forces in the vicinity, we could use your help!"
Deamon exhaled with some relief. They could use a slight increase in numbers. He tapped his comm piece. "Corporal Anderson, this is Sergeant Deamon Puskas of November Team. We read you, and my team and I are about two-hundred metres total from your current location. Just hang tight, we'll flank the enemy for you."
There was static over the comms, but a response pulled through. "That's great to hear Sergeant! We'll keep them occupied as long as we can- Be advised, our Enn-See-Oh is down. I repeat, our Enn-See-Oh is down!"
The Sergeant gestured forward. "Come on, November. No time to waste!"

He took point the rest of the journey. And in the dim light he could make out the shapes of three Elites and a pair of Grunts combating a quartet of Marines in medium to close combat. Deamon rushed to the nearest Grunt, and used the stock of his shotgun to dispatch the monkey-esque creature with a satisfying cracking sound. The Elites soon took notice, and roared at the sight of the newcomers, opening fire immediately. The veteran ODST barely had time to hip-fire before covering in an indent in the wall. "Marcus, get to that lifeboat and fire it up, we'll cover you!"

The covering Marines had not shied away from the fight; Two of them focused on two of the Elites, while another assisted November Team by picking off the final Grunt. It was up to November Team to finish off the last of the Covenant forces.

((OoC: Sev, I imagine it will take a bit for Marcus to not only unlock the hatch for the Bumblebee, but start it up, as well. This will give us some room for a brief standoff before launching, reveling at the Halo, and ending the thred before we break into 04's atmo.))

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Marcus wasted no time in getting to the lifepod. After exiting the shaft, casting a quick glance down both ends of the corridor, and sending a quick volley of pistol fire in the direction of Covenant forces, the pilot tore down the hallway. Plasma ripped through the air behind him and splashed against the walls.

He skidded to a stop at the airlock, quickly punching in his authorization code on a side panel and hurrying into the craft.

"Bringin' her online!"

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Upon determining the fireteam's NCO was indeed dead, Amelia ran for the small gap in between the hall and the Bumblebee escape pod.

"Covering fire!"

As she unloaded the last of her ammunition, she squinted at the thought of the doctors in the medbay she promised to go back for. But she and the rest of November made it to an escape pod; hopefully they did too. Her friend, too, who called her to the armory; he wasn't there when she arrived. And those pilots... there was no way they could have handled those Hunters on their own. So many people and things she was unsure of... where the hell were they escaping too? Were they really better off in that cramped little ship? The Covenant would blow them out of the sky? And what was this ring-thing? She was yet to see.

Orders were orders.

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Dom accepted the help up the ladder.   The Brazilian ODST switched back to his assault rifle from his pistol.
"Thanks pal".   He nodded his head and formed up with Donald, it was only natural for him he was use to Donald being CO of Metal Team. Bah why did he keep thinking about Cassy, and Tom, hell even Serenity even if she was not a formal member and a Spartan.  But things went to hell on Reach, the glassing and evac went to shit, hopefully everyone from Metal made it home. Reach, she was gone, how long till they got Earth now?  Dom was shaken out of it by a firm grip on his shoulder, he'd pray about it later, the Big Man would help him out, always found a way, maybe not right away but.

"Focus Lad.   You and I need to have a chat, we can do it in Portuguese on the Bumblebee, or in private once we get wherever the hell we are going. 'Sides those elites over there have a date with our assault rifles, lucky bastards."

Donald and Dom made there way to a wall indentation and alternated fired on the elites so there was a near constant barrage of bullets focused on the elites.

"You know this is about the time in the movie when the ship won't start till the last second or we start getting overrun run and somehow barely escape" commented Dom.

"This isn't the Hollywood, this is an even better show the UNSC Marine Corps presents "How to Kill Religious Alien Nutjobs in Outerspace".

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The Elite's body riddled by Dom and Donald's combined fire, its corpse dropped to the floor awkwardly, breaking its neck(As if there needed to be any more confirmation.). Deamon gave a satisfying nod as he crouched down beside one of the Marines. "Which one are you?"
"Anderson, sir." The Marine replied, giving a quick salute. "My friend here is Haskall."
The other glanced at Deamon and saluted. "Pee-Eff-See Jesse Haskall, sir."
Deamon nodded to Jesse and glanced over the combat barriers surrounding the Bumblee's entrance. "Helluva mess. you two do this all yourselves?"
Jesse shook his head, and Daniel spoke. "Apart from the squad you just took out? Some of them, yeah. Another fire team got cut down here just as we arrived. Figured we could splice open that escape pod and get out of here ourselves."
"Can any of you even pilot a lifeboat?" Deamon asked.
"How hard can it be?"

Deamon glanced at Marcus, who was still working away at his lifeboat's damaged access terminal. He was about to answer when another explosion rocked the Pillar of Autumn once more, but this time the explosion was in November Team's location. All were undamaged, but more Covenant emerged from the wreckage, most combat ready, others staggered, but regaining composure. A Needler round came penetrated Anderson's armour. He cried out in pain and knelt, injured.

"November form up around the pod! Get to cover, now!"

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Lieutenant Miles had taken a seat at the front of the lifepod. Switches were flicked, instrument panels blinked on, and as he pulled the visor down on his pilot helmet, his heads-up display booted up. Systems checks scrolled across his field of vision, and after a few seconds that felt like an eternity, a quiet ping informed him that everything was operational. He glanced over his shoulder at the firefight playing out in the hallway behind him. "Alright, all aboard!"

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Having seemingly manifested out of nowhere, Amelia grabbed Anderson by his collar just after he took a knee. She tugged him along towards the now open bumblebee entrance.

"All aboard, pilot's orders!"

She placed Anderson in an open seat and she took the one next to him. The needler round hadn't penetrated so deep, so Amelia believed she could fix him up promptly.

After equipping a pair of gloves, she grabbed a firm grip of the needle and without warning tugged it free. She placed in a quick application biofoam patch. After breaking it, it immediately expanded, plugging the wound.

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Deamon fired another shell from his shotgun. The resulting action was half of a Grunt warrior missing. As he began to back into the Bumblebee pod, an Elite caught him off guard and swung at the ODST using the energy dagger that emitted from its knuckle plating. Instinctively Deamon raised his shotgun in defence. While the action may have bought him a few more seconds, he now held a seperate piece of his shotgun in both his hands.

'Just not my fucking day...' Deamon thought to himself as the Elite roared in his face. Haskall fired at the Elite with his assault rifle, giving Deamon enough time to hurl a piece of his shotgun at the Elite before running into the pod. His saviour was already buckled in as Deamon quickly found a seat across from Amelia.

"Punch it!" he shouted once everyone intended was inside. A plasma grenade detonated just outside the pod, throwing debris at Anderson, who grunted in pain.

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Donald and Dom retreated to the door of the pod, covering it for a moment as they quickly scanned the area for any other living human crew members.

"Looks like we are the last ones Don" said Dom as he ripped the pin off a frag grenade and tossed it towards the incoming Covenant borders.

"Yeah Covenant are coming in hard.  Launch is going to be hell of a lot dangerous at this rate" said Donald shooing Dom towards the craft as best he could.  It wasn't easy moving a man who didn't want to be moved  who was taller and heavier than you while trying to shoot your gun.

"Sir you aren't going to do what I think you are thinking...hell no I'm not letting you do this alone.  You taught me to always do my best to get my people out alive, well here I am" said Dom slamming his fist onto the door locking mechanism effectively locking and sealing the door.   

"Punch it, we'll keep the Covenant off your asses.   Godspeed November, Metal Team over and out. See you on the other side" transmitted Dom. He tapped the Bumblebee and flashed a thumbs up.

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The lifepod pilot clicked his mic. "Charlie 13 is away."

Marcus lurched against his harness as the craft burst from its launch tube, hurtling through the void as it fled a dying ship. The pod fell silent as the Autumn receded into the distance, and Marcus cast a quick glance back at his passengers as they leveled out. "The other pods seem to be heading towards the ring. Now would be a good time to strap in."

The structure ahead loomed ever larger in the forward viewport. And while he could only imagine what might be down there, it seemed they would find out soon enough.

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November Team's Bumblebee drifted ever closer to the unknown structure. Despite their early departure from the battle on the Pillar of Autumn, the team's lifeboat was not the only one to jettison from the mother ship. They would be the lucky ones; Covenant boarding parties soon after began to obliterate still-docked life boats to make room for their own boarding craft.

"Sergeant!" Haskall called. He caught Deamon's attention and gestured at Anderson, who was now bleeding again from his wounds. The Marine was not going to make it. In spite of that, Deamon unbuckled himself and began to tend to Anderson. He was quick to seek help from Amelia and Jesse, who were on either side of the dying Marine.

The ODST Sergeant gave an elongated glance outside of the pod. Seraphs were closing in on November's pod. Deamon braced as they began to open fire. Thankfully, the skilled piloting by Marcus kept them safe from the barrage just in time for a squadron of Longsword bomber craft to cover and escort the team.

Deamon soon made his way to Marcus, standing just behind his seat. That's when their object of interest truly came into the light; A massive ring, just floating in space. The outside appeared to be made of a silver metal. Normal. Very normal for space installations.

But the interior...

The pod shuddered violently, sending Deamon back. Warning signals blared inside the entry vehicle. The damage to the Bumblebee was minor, but life support was failing fast and the hull's integrity wouldn't last much longer. Longsword bombers sped ahead, all three sporting significant damage.

And, with the ring coming into full view, there was no time to debate on its assurance. Deamon strapped himself back in, and prayed that his team would make it.