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Title: Duel Face
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Their order's were simple.   One would go to Spredronia and give Roman support for the reconquest of Vancouver Island, as well propose a push for control over the West Coast.   
Roma would send troops as well to assist in the fight in exchange for California and Hawaii.

The other would be meeting with representatives from Der Reise off the coast of Cuba.
While the nation's were not the best of friends considering the havoc the founders of Roma did to Der Reise.    But the past was willing to be put aside.    For one thing an arm's trade would be occuring.     Der Reise would be getting gun's to fight the Spredronian's and Roma would be getting cash.       
Depending on how things went on Vancouver Island Roma would then do one of two things.   

A) Distract Der Reise force's by helping them deal with some of more pesky Merchant Princes of the Caribbean Islands.     A win-win as both nation's would get a hefty sum of loot, spoils and captured weapons and such.   
B) If a deal for Hawaii  could be made then the Roman Naval vessel's and troops would have a delayed arrival to aide Spredronia because of bad weather and currents.   Purely an accident that could not be avoided.

Rachel and Julia hugged each other good buy at the airport.    Julia was seeing Rachel off to before her flight on the Roman Diplomatic Private  Jet to Spredronia for her side of the assignment.     

"Bye I will miss you love" said Julia giving Rachel a hug and a kiss on the lips. 

"Aww I will miss you too" said Rachel as she returned the hug with greater force.
"Be careful alright, Der Reise is still a bit mad.   And text me kay, so we will know what route we are taking.  Be careful with that too, but I know you already know that.   Remember I will ask you "What color undies are you wearing?"  And you will respond with "Blue"  if you are going after the Merchant Princes and "Red" if we managed to get what we wanted and that our help won't make it time.  And of course after that we can keep the conversation going  ;P "   

Julia chuckled.  "What am I going to do with you?   And have a nice trip, and of course we would have to finish that conversation silly".

The two hugged one last time and went their separate ways.


The Roman Diplomatic Jet landed in destination of the capital city of Spredronia.   Having to stop at Newfoundland and Iceland along the way it was a long trip and Rachel was a bit tired from jet lag.    But the young diplomat was ready to be met by Spredronia they should be expecting her visitation.   She hoped they wouldn't mind if she was so young and not old and wrinkly like most of the diplomats of other nations it seemed.      She was quite skilled in her work despite her age, and she certainly knew what she was doing.   Besides Roma was a young nation, it was only suiting its diplomatic shared that Youthful Spirit of the country.      The Holy Roman Emperor himself was young as well.      While the governor's and the Black Prince were older, the nation's leader and his bride were quite young.   

Rachel made her way off of the plane and into the airport waiting for the Spredronian's to pick her up.   Of course she was met with some reception so she acted for the camera.   


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Before the jet landed, as soon as it entered Spredronian waters an escort of two brand-new F-71D Murdercrow ('_VTOL.png) stealth VTOLs escorted it. It was their maiden flight - and an astute display of power. The Murdercrows were the stealth variant: F-71A Adders were CTOL air superiority fighters, F-71B Hummingbirds were VTOL carrier fighters, and F-71C Peregrines were ground-attack variants. They would never replace the F-35D Lightning IIC or F-22C Raptor-X models still in service - they would only be issued to the most elite.

The reception was understandable, her being a foreign dignitary. But with the wartime economy, it was clear to see her escort was not to be a posh limousine.

However, as it turned out, it was. Driving up on four wheels was a bulky limo. Though one couldn't tell from the outside, this was "Bulldog" - the limousine constructed for wartime. It was armored with doors that could resist one anti-materiel rifle round, a hermetically sealable cabin, and enough horsepower to outrun any pursuer.

As was expected, the prime diplomat stepped out. He adjusted his glasses.

"Christina is willing to speak to you. Step inside the vehicle and we'll chauffeur you to her."

Inside, it was rather comfortable. An armed guard - who, despite his black special operations gear, seemed rather chipper - sat in the car with them, carrying a state-of-the-art Magpul PDR-C ( personal defense weapon, chambered in 5.56x45mm Lite ammo, and carrying 20 rounds per magazine, plus one in the chamber. It was affixed with a single EOTech XPS-1 holographig sight, and nothing more.

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Rachel wasn't really disappointed by the armored limo.  She thought it was kinda cool.
She waited for the Crimon Lance and their armored motorcycles to unload from the private jet and to pull up near the Bulldog.       While she trusted Spredronia and their intentions still it didn't help to have more firepower and stuff in a war zone.

Rachel made her way inside of the Bulldog.  While she could of rode in the sidecar that had been set aside and had the knight who was normally there home on vacation.   It would of been rude to refuse an offer in a sweet armored limo.

Rachel waved to her mobile security personnel and got into the Limo with a bodyguard.

"Hi there" waved Rachel to the Spredronian guard.    He seemed nice. 

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The guard unravelled one hand from the grip of his PDR-C to wave rather idly. "Hey there," was his response.

There was no complaint from the Crimson Lance as they assembled. Once everything was ready, the Bulldog began to pull out, heading onto the highways. Many, many cars were on them.

For now, Bulldog effortlessly weaved its way through the multiple vehicles present. As usual, two HMMWV+ vehicles, equipped with M134 miniguns, pulled alongside to provide even more firepower and security.

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Rachel smiled and rode in peace.     "How far are we from the capital?" she asked.  She wondered if there was time for a quick nap as she didn't sleep well on the plane as she was too busy going over the plan and the preparations.   


The meeting in the Carribean had begun between Roma and Der Reise in the Port of Havanah, apparently where the Emperor (Tony) made his start.    Or was it Miami she wasn't sure, all she remember was that he had saved her and Julia's lives and for that she would be ever loyal and grateful to him.

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The diplomat looked over to Rachel again. "We are in the capital city, but it is... uh... twenty minutes or so until you get there. It should be enough time to think, perhaps rest."

The guard seemed to notice her tiredness. "If you need sleep then catch some. You're being protected by a limo built like a tank, two miniguns mounted on trucks, and what appear to be your own guard of bikers. I'd say you're pretty well-protected. Word of advice, though; look alive when you get there. Kinda helps for the PR and all that."

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Rachel nodded and rested her head on the window to take a nap.    This nap would help her feel more alive for the camera, she had no idea how she managed to do it at the airport in her tired zombie like state, at the zombie like state might be a bit of an exaggeration. 


"You help me, I help you.  I know we don't like each other but we both have troubled histories with certain Merchant Princes and Alliances of Merchant Princes.     Our offer for our assistance is Hawaii.    Take it or leave it".

"You got to be kidding me?   That is the heart of the Pacific Fleet, one that is preparing to mobilize against Spredronia.  That is our purpose.   In exchange for your help you will just get the loot and spoils you will collect.    And we will spare your pitiful nation from our might. Especially your little South American colonies, thank you for taking our your rulers father in law, makes thing that much easier for us to take over South America.   In exchange for your help we will only delay the inevitable.    No other offer.    Take it or be destroyed".   The Texan delegate from Der Reise smiled and pulled out his shotgun.

Julia cursed to herself mentally  these people were good, too good.    No matter he had just sealed his own fate.       She maintained her poker face.

"Fine, we will help you".

"Good glad you could come around"


Julia left the meeting site.   Damn that was stressful, she wanted to call Rachel.   But she would ask about what transpired here, and she might be busy.   Still she just wanted to talk, hopefully her phone was on silent if she was in a meeting for something.     


In the limo Julia's cellphone rang.   

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The diplomat picked up the phone, then pressed hello. "Who is this?"

In the meanwhile, the guard flicked Rachel. "Phone's ringing."

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"No not now baby I am trying to sleep, now isn't the time to try something like that " mumbled Rachel, shifting to adjust her sleeping position.     


"Um...this is Julia who is this and why do you have her phone" asked Julia sounding a cross of panic and anger.   This was her phone, and her phone alone the Roman security not to use it unless Rachel was dead or in danger.   

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The guard cocked his head, before returning to his duties and deciding he'd wake her up later.

"Spredronian prime diplomat, Alex Mayakov. Uh... Rachel's asleep at the moment."

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"Oh, well can you wake her up or something.   I would hate to do it, but I kinda of need to talk to her.  Actually....umm nevermind just tell her to call me as soon as she can, sorry but I want to talk to my girlfriend uh...privately and stuff" said Rachel.   

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Alex nodded. "Alright. I'll keep a note of it. Thanks for the information."

He promptly memorized Remind Rachel to talk to girlfriend.

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The limo arrived at the capital, and as soon as it stopped at where the talks would take place, Rachel woke up.   She yawned and fixed her hair, as well as wiped the drool from her face.   

"Um, before we get started and into the meeting, can I use the bathroom? I kinda need to go. I'll be in the room once I am done, ok" .

With that Rachel opened the door to the limo.   She posed for the camera's a bit before she rushed to the restroom.   

She got into a stall and dialed Julia.

"Hello baby, I'm here.  And I have a free moment". 

"You should be more careful with your phone, Spredronians answered when I tried to call earlier. And I am mad at you for not answering"

"I was sleeping, you kept me up you know"

"and you are keeping me up, I am about to go to bed you know"

"ooh, are you? What are you wearing?  Is it worth by pants being off already?"

"wait your pants are off in public you dirty thing?"

"What?! No I am in the restroom silly, I had to pee, not important I am more interested in what your wearing"

"You know those blue undies you like?"

" Mmhm"

"Just those"

Blue, ok that meant Spredronia would have Roma's support against Der Reise.   She had what she needed for the meeting.


Once there spicy phone call was finished, (I spared the good part ;) ) Rachel rushed into the meeting room. 
"um sorry I am late but I got a call I had to take privately, but I am here to talk to you about your friendly neighbors to the South".

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The Prime Minister herself snorted.

"Friendly just about sums up how they took Vancouver Island with their army of rainbows and puppies. A pleasure to meet you, Christina Avarken, Prime Minister." She stood up and extended her hand for a handshake.

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"No kidding, that is only a small taste of their friendliness, you never lived there" said Rachel as she shook the Prime Minister's hand.   

"Rachel Crux, Representaive of his Imperial Majesty of The Roma Empire, Emperor DelZotto.   But yes about Vancouver Island, important outpost for you no?, being so close to the Der Reise shore.   Well we want to help you get it back, once it is reclaimed we can talk about taking the fight to them.   It isn't going to easy though.  But that is a matter of another time.     We are going to distract Der Reise by making them turn their attention to the merchant princes of the Carribbean, with the naval task group I have been using to authorized for that purpose.   As well our Pacific Fleet will mobilize to support your reclamation as well.  All you have to do is send the troops to invade, unfortunately we can only provide the naval vessel's and the aircraft on the carrier's, no ground forces.   Sound like a plan? ".  She smiled.

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Christina thought. On the one hand, they definitely had enough troops to storm and set up a beach-head. But on the other hand, they'd need every warrior they could get. And it's not as if their army was that big compared to Der Riese's army anyways - though their soldiers had more kill power per man, they had more men. And the "choke the streets with our dead" tactic was very effective.

"That does sound like a plan. But are you sure you can't spare anything infantry-wise? Our army isn't the biggest - we've got enough to take ground on our own, but every man counts. I'm not asking for anything extreme, either - within reason. Other than that... it's a good plan."

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"I will have to see what I can do about that.  Might have to make a few calls, but I will have to get back to you on that.   Um..perhaps you would like to talk to our leader, if he isn't busy.     B..but I am sure I can get you in touch without someone that can get you a definite answer" said Rachel.

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Christina did her best to try not to scare people she met. After all, she needed to look nice and fine, like someone you could have a good discussion with.

Her skill with a Glock was always left out of these kinds of conversations.

"If you could let me do that, I'd very much appreciate it."