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Author Topic: Ares Sawyer  (Read 1075 times)
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« on: October 16, 2018, 02:23:41 AM »

"You can let the march of time chew you up and spit you out, or you can stay one step ahead of it, never stopping. Nothing's going to stop me. Nothing can."

Race: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: 66 (Born 2266)
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 200 lbs.
Physical Description:

Faction(s): The Enclave (Formerly), The Institute
Profession: Field Agent, Mercenary

SPECIAL: 08 STR / 06 PER / 10 END / 04 CHR / 08 INT / 05 AGI / 05 LCK

>Built to Destroy


>Pain Train
>Sneering Imperialist
>Terrifying Presence

Ares was born in an Enclave bunker in 2266. It was a temporary place of operations for members of the faction during their exodus to the east. Ares' childhood was rather austere as he was raised under the harsh hand of a father made bitter by the losses dolled to his brethren by filthy wastelanders in the past century. Into adulthood Ares trained to be the soldier the Enclave needed him to be, and once he came of age, Ares served with distinction and and dedication. When his father died in 2250, Ares felt nothing.

Ares accompanied Autumn Senior as the remnants of the Enclave settled into Raven Rock, a military base hidden away in the northwestern portion of the Capital Wasteland, formerly Washington D.C.. As the years mulled along however Ares began to grow disillusioned with the Enclave's cause, considering the remnant faction to be nothing more than a shadow of its former self, and even at that, only barely. It was around 2276 that Ares was approached by one Doctor Zimmer, a high-ranking scientist within a mysterious organization known as the Institute. With the promise of several perks to better his livelihood, Ares accepted an offer made by Zimmer to act as an informant within the Enclave remnants.

For a year, Ares lived a double life; operating within the Enclave by day, and feeding information and looking into a small clandestine group called the "Railroad" by night. After the devastating defeat at Adams Air Force Base at the hands of the Brotherhood of Steel, a demoralized Ares cut his losses and ventured north with a squad of like-minded soldiers belonging to Sigma, where his employment with the Institute expanded from information gathering to full-blown search and destroy missions on behalf of the science-minded organization. His brutality only grew, and much like his father, was fuelled by spite.

By 2287, Ares was the sole surviving member of his Institute Hit Squad, with all of his Enclave brethren being killed on missions or permanently retiring from the executioner's way of life. Ares continues to purge the Railroad and its affiliates from the Commonwealth and the surrounding area, and even took part on the raid on the Switchboard, the Railroad's former base of operations. In spite of his cybernetics, Ares can feel his age, and refuses to stop. With a suit of battered power armour marked by decades of brutality, Ares is the definition of a boogeyman, a monster, and a harbinger of death.

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