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Author Topic: Ana Barclay  (Read 1235 times)
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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Physical Description:

Faction(s): Brotherhood of Steel

SPECIAL: 07 STR / 04 PER / 08 END / 06 CHR / 05 INT / 05 AGI / 04 LCK

>Hot Blooded

>Energy Weapons
>Melee Weapons

>Eye for Eye
>Big Leagues

Ana was one of the children rescued from The Pitt by Owyn Lyons and the Brotherhood of Steel during their brief tour through the radiation-infested hellhole. Subsequently, she was absorbed into the Brotherhood's ranks as a Squire. Ana possessed a very gung-ho personality and exhibited great valour during missions in the field. She was very committed to the ideologies behind Owyn Lyons' philosophy, although she clashed on some of the more minuscule details.

Ana lost her right eye during a raid on a Super Mutant fortress just outside of the Capital Wasteland. The Paladin in charge of the operation had underestimated the amount of enemy forces in the fortress and Ana found herself and her squad outnumbered after pushing through the main gates. Ana never gave up, going so far as to enter melee combat with a Super Mutant without power armour. The super mutant picked her up and attempted to crush her skull, but only succeeded in bursting her eye before she stabbed him in the neck.

Her injury didn't so much as stall her, and Ana was back in the field within the next couple of weeks. Ana has served alongside such notable individuals such as the Lone Wanderer, and was present for the Enclave's destruction at Adams Air Force Base alongside Sarah Lyons. She continues to serve the Brotherhood of Steel and its preemptive interests in the Commonwealth.
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