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Author Topic: Jason  (Read 1182 times)
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"You leave. But when you're the one needing help, will you expect me to be there?"

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 175 lbs
Physical Description: Tall, thin build

Faction(s): Minutemen
Rank: Conscript (?)

SPECIAL: 5 STR / 8 PER / 8 END / 6 CHR / 4 INT / 8 AGI / 3 LCK

>Good Natured
>Fast Shot


>Rapid Reload

In 2282, a trio of bandit groups assaulted the poorly defended Lacewing Farm. Having been under threat for some time, three Minutemen were stationed there at the request of the farm's elder. When the assault began, all able bodied men and women took up arms against the raiders, including 16 year old Jason. Before and during the attack, Jason was paired with one of the Minutemen, a woman named Francine Fay. While peaceful, he and Francine worked the farm together, during which time she imparted her knowledge of the Commonwealth and Minutemen.

The first wave of raiders was successfully repelled, but not without the farm taking heavy losses. Including Francine. The decision was made to abandon the farm and the remaining two Minutemen escorted the survivors to a close by settlement.

Jason was offered a place in the Minutemen ranks after the battle. Having been inspired by Francine's sacrifice and her commitment to the cause, he firmly accepted the offer.

Two years later Jason would be taking it upon himself to travel between settlements still loyal to the Minutemen. To confirm their loyalty and offer assistance. He was becoming increasingly discouraged by people leaving the service and entire settlements turning their backs on the cause.
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