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Author Topic: August Rand  (Read 1290 times)
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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Height: 6' 2''
Physical Description: African American. Has short hair and a full beard. Very muscular build.

Faction(s): Brotherhood of Steel (Formerly), The Regulators, The Abolitionists
Profession: Mercenary, Freedom Fighter

SPECIAL: 10 STR / 07 PER / 09 END / 04 CHR / 07 INT / 04 AGI / 02 LCK

>Heavy Handed
>Good Natured

>Melee Weapons


August was born and raised a slave in the confines of Tenpenny Tower, in the Capital Wasteland. His parents, once members of an ambitious research project aboard Rivet City, found themselves at the mercy of the slavers of Paradise Falls, and were later sold to Alistair Tenpenny at a discount. In spite of his harsh conditions, August's father and mother found periods of time where they could provide August with impromptu home-schooling. When he was eight, his father died of starvation. A few months after that, his mother was molested and then murdered.

August was later placed under the care of an elderly slave named Morgan, who cared for the boy until he was twelve. At that age, August had managed to fight his way through a guard one night while cleaning the lobby of the tower. When backup arrived to pursue him, Morgan "accidentally" delayed the security officers using a grenade. August looked back only once, vowing to return and grant his fellow slaves the gift of freedom.

For months, he roamed the Capital Wasteland, scavenging for food and shelter. He eventually stumbled upon Little Lamplight, and became the town's security chief. At sixteen, he moved to Big Town. And weeks later, encountered the Brotherhood of Steel in a firefight against the Talon Company mercenary group. Saving the life of one Paladin Cable, August was offered a place among their ranks. Influenced by the stories of the Brotherhood's seemingly altruistic exploits in the Wasteland (As told by Three-Dog), August wasted no time accepting the opportunity.

Over the next eight years, August fought for the Brotherhood of Steel, doing the best he could to help the people of the Capital Wasteland. He rose through the ranks quickly, falling into the Order of the Sword. In mere months August ascended from the rank of Aspirant to Knight-Sergeant. During his training, he formed a profound bond with a fellow Initiate named Lydia Pravdin. They became very close, but their paths diverted as she joined the Order of the Quill, becoming a Scribe.

August never forgot about his upbringing. In fact, it seemingly plagued his optimism, and encroached into his dreams when he slept. Enough was enough. He wanted retribution. In his years of service to the Brotherhood of Steel, he was never given the opportunity to strike back, and chose to later leave the Brotherhood in order to achieve his goals after a heated argument with Lydia.

By the year 2278, August made a habit of liberating captive slaves, and became a sort of mythical figure among the Abolitionists after killing Eulogy Jones and his crew in Paradise Falls. One of the captives, a woman named Clover, caught August's interests, and the two quickly fell in love. He was later approached by the Regulators, a group of Lawmen and women who strive for peace and order throughout the chaos of the Capital Wasteland, and succeeded in storming Tenpenny Tower and dropping Alistair Tenpenny from the balcony of his penthouse.

Of course his exploits were not without consequence. The death of Alistair Tenpenny marked a hefty bounty on August's head, issued by Littlehorn & Associates, an organization specializing in contracts for assassination. Though the details of this remain unknown, it is evident that August survived the ordeal, and now hopes to set up an HQ for the Regulators in the Commonwealth.

But that, is a story for another day.
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