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Author Topic: The Story So Far  (Read 1817 times)
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« on: December 26, 2010, 09:44:38 AM »

It’s the 3rd of March, 2553. The Covenant has been shattered, in the greatest victory mankind and the UNSC had, and most likely ever will, experience. Yet, after the initial celebrations of the monumental success, another evil stirs out in the depths of space, and the aether rumbles with a new threat. The United Rebel Alliance, hidden since the beginning of the original war, attack Earth, in a bid to bring success to their cause, and shatter the new found might of Earth. The flimsy, ramshackle fleet of the URA, outdated due to the massive technological advancements made by the UNSC during the Covenant War, fails to dent the might of Earths fleet, and the token force they sent is shattered above the world of Reach, symbolic for its fall during the Ninth Age of Reclamation. However, inside one such frigate of the fleet of the URA lies a bunkers worth of nuclear missiles, stolen from a hidden source inside the UNSC, suddenly meaning that the fleet poses a large threat indeed to the fleet orbiting Reach; if Reach falls, the path to Earth will lie clear. As the frigate of Nuclear Missiles carries on its way, its inexorable path towards the fleet seems to be almost unstoppable; the UNSC cruisers can’t fire upon it for fear of detonating the missiles inside. In a desperate bid for survival, SPARTAN-993 sacrifices himself, boarding the ship and changing its course to detonate harmlessly in the furthest reaches of space.

Such an atrocity provokes the UNSC into action, and an official declaration of war is announced on the URA; the loss of the life of a SPARTAN soldier is a terrible thing, but the loss of Reach and a space fleet would have been even worse. The 23rd of March, however, sees a new threat emerge on the might on the UNSC; what SPARTAN-993 had presumed to be an empty reach of space, devoid of life, was far from that misguided presumption, and the newest Earth Colony, Vladimir IV, near to where the death of SPARTAN-993 occurred, was orbited by a strange and unearthly fleet.

Communication is soon lost with more and more colonies. Lack of information reaches the UNSC; just who are these aliens, and what is their motive? The fear and lack of knowledge is like the Covenant War once more. Eventually, a battered and shattered frigate, the last of its kind stationed on Excall II, another colony world, reaches Earth. The crew lie dead or dying, and the ship is badly scorched and burned, carbon and laser scorings down its side. The Captain of the ship, Henrik Johansonn, manages to live long enough to tell of the Syphodite, an unknown race that seem to be hell-bent on dominating Human colonies. 

The discovery of a lone Syphodite ship was too good of an opportunity to pass up. While clean up over Reach began, a lone UNSC Frigate discovered and perused Syphodite ship seemingly spying on them. After chasing the craft through slipspace, the UNSC Frigate arrives at an abandoned Human colony known as Emerald Cove. Alone, and with the new SPARTAN Master Chief Matt-081 on board, the ship is forced to land upon the empty planet. As they attempt to escape this new threat and to rejoin their allies, they wonder: Just what is happening to the Galaxy?
Yet the UNSC has problems of their own. After another lone UNSC ship, with a faulty slipspace drive, emerged in a new system, pursued by the URA, they found an unlikely discovery. A separate caste of the Forerunners, who'd broke away from their ancestors and lived in a Rift that allowed them to avoid the destruction wreaked by the detonation of the Halo arrays. Their technology and society is unlike anything the UNSC has ever seen and, as they destroy the URA ships, they offer the UNSC an alliance. The UNSC has little choice but to accept, yet are these Rifters as friendly as they seem?
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