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1  Role Play / Nation Profiles / Re: Tyrene (rework/fresh) on: April 07, 2022, 01:54:48 AM
Member "Kingdoms" of the Confederation of Tyrene

Continental Tyrene:

Imperial Crownlands
Kingdom of Urukard
Free Marches
Kado Shogunate
Kingdom of Thornfal
Kirongian Kingdom
Grand Duchy of Jagiellonia
Kingdom of Ghron
Fermelvean League
Kingdom of Ulindyl
Kingdom of Steamia
Tsardom of Orseia
Kingdom of Westsia
League of the Sea Princes
Kingdom of Faven
Kingdom of Lomba
Sunforian Theocracy
Most Serene Republic of Betheas
Republic of Terra
Bearwodian League
Kingdom of V'eld
Eldrean Grand Duchy
Kingdom of Ilaume
Brotherhood of Sesenbachzar
Grand Duchy of Mytheas
Republic of Utherlythar
Yvasadian Tetrarchy
Grand Duchy of Eluveneas
Duchy of Narn
Duchy of Fel-Shore
Kingdom of Pimewick
Duchy of Neusen
Duchy of Shau
Kingdom of Orelian
Duchy of Onalas
Duchy of Ridualmesia
Duchy of Raken
Duchy of Bayfront
Red Marches
Vali Khanate
Protectorate of Lurtheas
Grand Duchy of Men'ruhn
Valean Marches
Principality of Houndfair
Duchy of Edilnemar
The Ghostglen Marches
Dominion of Duskhyn
Swa Trade Company
Duchy of Opavelia
Holy State of Sonenor
Duchy of Ulssin
Delan League
Duchy of Calvacolcho
Duchy of Irosquervia
Depcairnian Marches
Free & Imperial City of Car'jes
Duchy of Dortheas
Free & Imperial City of Pyren
Duchy of Linhia
Duchy of Audrock
Duchy of Lineas
Duchy of Slybarun
Free & Imperial City of Stryt
Duchy of Wiedewald
Imperial Marches
Principality of Kandor
Free & Imperial City of Vojhalad
Principality of Shaulren
Principality of Kalean
Duchy of Viaperilia
Free & Imperial City of Ormrion
Principality of Falderia
Free & Imperial City of Monha
Duchy of Kanonari
Free & Imperial City of Olsasqueria
Free & Imperial City of Kakitawa
Duchy of Geilarandia
Free & Imperial City of Newharfia


Kado Corporation Land
United Kingdoms of the Golden Coast
Thanas Trade Federation
Shan Merchant Guild Land
Free & Imperial City of Dyrndess
Rautheas Republic
Duchy of Dyrnd
Kingdom of Ilsan
Ziragzian Theocracy
Khatharb Federation
Merchant Princedom of Nealin
Merchant Princedom of Betheas
Gracedia Guild Lands
Protected Native Tribal Lands
- to be continued -

Other Holdings:
- Dominion of the Gift
- Raj of Ind
- to be continued?-
2  Role Play / Nation Profiles / Tyrene (rework/fresh) on: April 07, 2022, 01:38:00 AM
-Template Here-
3  Role Play / Nation Profiles / The Pum (Tyrene) on: October 21, 2021, 10:45:27 PM

The Pum are a simple folk found in primarily in Tyrene.  They tend to live in small rustic farming communities of around thirty families.    Once a community starts to get too large, Pum, typically the unmarried, seem to naturally set off to join new communities or found their own.    At the end of every harvest season there is a major gathering of Pum for Erntedankfest, to celebrate the harvest of the year and also trade for goods and arrange marriages.     A Pum community is usually led by a Church Minister or is elected from the community at beginning of Winter to begin preparations for the next years planting season.    The Pum are known for their special pumpkin cider that is tapped from the strange Pumpkits, which are living pumpkin live stock that the Pum tap for the cider, and Pum settlements in the more tropical colonial holdings of Tyrene produce special pumpkin flavored coffee.      

Pum communities tend to not have any electricity due to their rural nature, and electrification projects have been often been denied by the Pum preferring their simple lifestyles and traditions.       The communities tend to have one motor vehicle, if any at all, for transporting produce to other towns to sell or bring back goods to the community.    These trips are also done with livestock driven wagons or carts as well.  

It is rare for The Pum to work metal, preferring to either buy or use alternative materials.      
4  Role Play / The South / Re: The Soll'Rahn Sojourn on: August 31, 2019, 05:53:28 PM
"I've heard some about your country yes, especially from your Lord Commander during his visit,  but I received schooling about the basics " said Soledad.   A smile coming to her lips at the mention of Lord Edwin.   There was a subject she was interested in, but it would not be proper to inquire about the Lord Commander so soon, if at all.   While she had gotten to know the Lord Commander very well during his visit to Tyrene, there was still things she didn't know and what better to learn about him from than the people close to him.     "Though as some of my more elder advisors say, I am young and still have much to learn and experience, so there is much about your country I have to learn or experience.  Give me a moment" she requested.

Her Imperial Majesty looked lost in thought as she plotted the best way to get information about Landon, rather than the  important question of the country she was supposed to be thinking of.     "Tell me about some of your past Lord Commanders" she started.    Yes, this would be a suitable springboard to learn more about him she figured.   
5  Role Play / The South / Re: The Soll'Rahn Sojourn on: June 28, 2019, 01:04:59 AM
Soledad stared at out the window of the aircraft.    A lot was on her mind.    While this was suppose to be a low key formal visit, it was quite dangerous.  If word spread to her people, they would be in the streets and demand that she be floggeed through the streets of Konigsberg to be crucified

"Ah, yes I am.   It has been awhile since I have flown this far.   I was a child the last time I visited the principality of Schenkung (OOC Part of Tyrene bordering Soll'Rah), though this will be the furthest I have flown, and been away from home" admitted Soledad. 
6  Role Play / Character Profiles / Rolnur Sundgen & Cici on: December 28, 2018, 08:23:16 AM
Dear Rollo,

By the time you find this letter I’ll be gone.  Thank you for letting me lay low from the Silver Moons and whatever other bloody subsidiaries or friendly guilds they have in the Consortium till I can get my debts taken care of.  I’ve left you with what coin I could spare for your troubles, but don’t worry I’ll pay you back what you’ve spent on me with interest.   

I’m going to *illegible*.   The Consortium pulled out with a bunch of other big businesses there so they aren’t going to find me.    There is a gap there, and once I get enough capital I’m going to be able to fill it, since it is Sevvanian territory if I get the proper fence I won’t owe the Crown a thing and won’t have to register and have the merchants guild take a cut either.   I’ve taken a job as a deputy till I can make the money to get started....which is also why I took Cici with me.  I know you mean well with her, and are looking out for her best interests and it probably is best for her but I’m taking her somewhere where her nature can be channeled into a more productive outlet. 
Hell when I’m done getting the cash I need I’ll probably have her take my position, it’ll be good for her, this will make her happy I’m sure of it.   


P.S.   Besides Cici I didn’t take anything from you so don’t even try it you bastard.  Don’t you dare add the value of a life is 700k marks either to my tab, that isn’t a value for an Anima anyway and a member of the Vali  at that. If you find some snotty professor averaging that out then fine

- Letter from Rolnur to his brother Rollo. 

Name: Rolnur Ronalson Eppstein-Hegelmund-Gräz
Alias: Rolnur Tyson Sundgun
Age: 130
Physical Description:
- 1 Red Pewter  Mining Guild Mining Charges Satchel
- 1 2024 Mustang Revolver
- 1 Tyrenan Red Revolver
- Datapad
- Flask

7  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: November 11, 2018, 04:49:36 AM
"Well if it makes you feel any better I think you would look rather dashing in a cape" said Soledad.  She knew all too well having to maintain appearances and family honor for parents.  "Crossbreeds are not a thing of shame here in Tyrene, in fact it is usually an occasion of great joy.   They are a rare occurrence with not all of us being viable matches, and there is also the tricky thing of certain species genes forcing themselves dominant over the other.  In fact the first Emperor and founder of our country was a crossbreed, which is some say he was so powerful.    There is no need to hide what you are here, it would probably be in your interest to present yourself as one because of the special place they hold in our society". 

"Though I won't make you wear a cape if you don't make me wear a dress and corset" joked Soledad with a smile.      She lead him along the empty halls of the castle, what was once the seat of one of the most powerful families in the Kingdom of Urakard was now just reduced to her vacation home that only kept a skeleton crew of servants. 

8  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: May 08, 2018, 05:12:44 AM
"Ah perhaps I could come to you for advice when I have wards of my own one day" said Soledad trying to lighten the mood.   Though it was an awkward subject for herself as well, and she welcomed his suggestion to move on.   She didn't really have much of a childhood, either groomed to be a lady and then to rule once her brother passed and she was the only one left from her fathers line.

“Yes if there is time we can see my mentor, if there is time and his condition allows it.   Though for yes let us see more of the castle.   I have somewhere to show you” said Soledad.     The Empress gently grabbed Landon’s arm and guided him through the castle and the ornately decorated halls.   Suits of old ornate armor lined the halls every few feet as if guarding the place.   On the walls were portraits of the desert landscapes or what appeared to be Soledad’s family members and there was a even a photo was a large burly man dressed in a shining steel suit of armor holding a large mace whose head appeared to be the size of a man.  His other arm was draped around the figure of a woman of his race but it was hard to tell what she looked like the painting was torn and obsecured her from view.   At the man’s feat was a little girl with short pink hair in a white dress with some wet sand sticking to it and a silver tiara with pink diamonds with a wooden sword on her hip and a bandage on her nose.   Soledad paused a moment and a small forelorn smile came to her lips as she stared at the painting.   She let out a small chuckle.   â€œOh seems the servants forgot about this old thing when making sure that no embarrassing pictures were hanging around”.   Soledad placed a hand on the torn half of the painting.  “My older brother and I were playing swords on the morning of the photograph and I tripped and fell on my face and nearly broke my nose.   Mother was already cross that I had gotten sand on my dress and I didn’t want to give up my sword because Daddy and T got to have theirs, and now I had to have a bandage on my nose”.
9  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: December 02, 2017, 05:46:37 AM
Soledad listened to Landon’s explanation attentively.  Her gazed focused  It was a lot to take in, part of her thought he must be telling  tales with not being able to remember his best friends name, and said best friend dating the former Uriel and they also being a close friend of his.   However she couldn’t bring herself to doubt the truth of his words, they genuine, real.    She knew this Michael’s type, it reminded her of her half brother.   A quiet reserved fellow you could count on and his actions rather words spoke for him.  She would have to visit him soon, perhaps after she returned from the war, and she would have to do it in secret.  She didn’t want to bother him with the press or court.   She would rather not summon him either with his lame leg.

“Ah you have a ward over there?   Child of yours? ...a “surprise”?  Someone else’s kid sent  or you found to be mentored or raised by you?” asked Soledad curious at his mention of protege.    She wasn’t sure how succession worked over there in Soll’Rah.     â€œI remember those days.   I was sent off a few times for a year or two to someone else’s court be mentored ” explained Soledad.   She chuckled and smiled as she recalled her favorite mentor one of the Dwarf Kings under the High King who was suppose to be.  A kind hearted jovial dwarf who had a passion for life itself and fighting. Or her old castalan, he was the one who raised her, not her blood father really he only taught her how to not rule.  He was here, just resting in his age and she gave orders not to rouse him to join her and Landon.   â€œOne of my mentors is here actually, he is in charge of maintaining this castle while I’m not sure.  But he is an old bull (males usually referred to as bulls rather than men, and females belles rather than woman, though could use either) , does a good job some say despite his advanced age of nearly 300.   A stern but fair man, who tries to lead by example, and I’m told still stubbornly helps care for the plants in the water garden despite having gardeners to do it”.

 â€œThough I’m not...personally working with any of the nobleman or burghers children sent to Imperial well suck up to my predecessor or myself.     I’m not ready to deal with kids yet, and I would rather not intervene with the education they have in progress, unless they want or need something from me then I’m happy to help but not take over” she admitted with a blush.  She probably should take in a few, she would probably have to take in a high profile human child from the Orient as a political hostage when all this was over.   
10  Role Play / The South / Re: A Justified N.O.E., pt. 1 on: November 26, 2017, 06:02:42 PM
“Perhaps you could show me around the capital sometime once this is all over? I would love to” said Claudia with a grin.

The sand brick remindered her of some of buildings you could find in the more arid regions of Urakard.  Claudia patted down her own kimono to make sure it was still fitted properly, she’d rather not have to redo the delicate silk garment.  Her bamboo sandals audibly clacking on the cobblestone.  “I’m familiar with them yes.  I can’t say I’m an expert though either.  I have only been there a couple times and just to the ports, never the capital.  I do know my contacts always have someone asking for guns and ammunition”.
11  Role Play / The South / Re: A Justified N.O.E., pt. 1 on: November 16, 2017, 03:53:19 AM
Claudia looked over at the woman beside her, whose voice snapped her back from staring at the window.    "It is an interesting city.   In a way it reminds of back home with the mix of the old  buildings, and the newer skyscrapers and industrial sectors.  At least here I don't have to worry, as much, about some fairy hiding away somewhere and snooping on me" she began before returning her gaze out the window.     "I think the opposite, I much prefer the liveliness of the city to the quietness of the country side, even with my sensitive hearing.   There is much more opportunity found in cities than the country, but that may be due to my trade.   Let's just say some of my more lucrative enterprises are much more successful in the anonymity and chaos of crowded cities.   I also hold a bit of a hard feelings towards the small little mountain village I grew up in".       The countryside was no place Claudia desired to return to.      She chuckled to herself as she recalled the fate waiting for her if she had never left the small village in the countryside she came from.   A boring, simple life as a priestess.  As an orphan and especially an animus and a kitsune one due to her species natural atunement with the Anima Mundi, the so called soul of the life itself, they were taken in by the church once they grew too old to be considered for adoption and raised to be priests or priestesses in exchange for adoption.  A fate some found cruel but then again her line of work were no saints to orphans either.       

12  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: November 13, 2017, 03:53:19 AM
Soledad grinned as he accepted her bet.  “Somebody told me to be careful when betting or leaving your life up to chance.     Then again said person always seemed to win the bets in the end somehow” said Soledad.   
“If it makes you any better I’m not what you would call a lucky person either, if I believed in luck.  The Fates have both been incredibly kind and cruel to me.  All we can do is see where they take us and have in store for us.  God, King and peasant alike are all powerless against the tides of Fate.   I know little about the Sevvania people so all I can do is cast the die and see how they land”.  The Empressed finished her drink and toyed with the empty glass.   Fate had been kind enough to elevate her to the position of Empress but it also taken most of her family to get there.  Fate did not have to abide by the rules of equivalent exchange it seemed and even if it did she wasn’t sure this was worth the price.  She chuckled. “Though with your trust in them and your knowledge I might be in trouble after all here, and you might be luckier than you think” she teased.

“Your best friend is a Sevvanian though? Interesting I thought it would be someone from your own lands.  Tell me about them, how did you become best friends with a Sevvanian?”.
13  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: October 24, 2017, 06:06:03 AM
Soledad drank her wine as she listened to him talk.   He had a nice smile she noticed after he flashed her one.   He was different than the humans she knew and had seen before and it wasn't just because of his arm.  She smiled and watched him as she collected her thoughts and he was studying the map on the table.   How could someone as young as herself have been so many places and made allies along the way?  Well he was charming after all...

Soledad wasn't sure what to think of Sevvania and Landon's proposal.  It was understandable why Landon's countrymen couldn't do more after what they had been through.  She didn't know much about Sevvania in all honesty and there wasn't much out there in Tyrene about them.  Osman didn't have much to say, she said she was only there when it was still a colony of another nation, full of a people who valued the freedom and opportunity  of a new unexplored land.  Their lack of action following helping and fighting with their friend in need as he put it. If his claim about being so opposed to this kind of tyranny of the Soviets were true then why go idle when the job was done? Why they wouldn't want to join their ally on a push to silence this threat, even if their ally wasn't the  original one who opened this front in the first place.  Although his suggestion did hint, there might be a will amongst the Sevvania population to help, regardless of the governments thoughts on the matter.  The various humensch nations seemed to have many differences.  The Empress found herself a tad frustrated with the Sevvanians and  the people of Caelum. She couldn't see why Landon spoke so highly of the Sevvanians and their apparent nature of resisting tyranny.
Landon knew more about them than she did, and sending an someone there would at the very least give a better insight about them, and perhaps some assistance.

While she didn't have the promises of manpower to try and lessen the load on her people that she wanted.  The situation was still salvageable.   The cost would be higher than she liked to risk but if they managed to push the Soviets out of the Orient then it would lie open to them to do with as they pleased.  Already nobles plotted and clamored for contingency plans to end the push and fall back taking whatever they could get their hands on and to scorch and salt the earth on the way back to the sea, and to occupy and garrison the land and let whoever objected to Tyrenan presence bleed themselves over it. She hoped it wouldn't come to this and she help rebuild and even settle parts of the Orient in a Tyrenan fashion.   It would be a delicate balance, it could not be full on militarily or direct annexation, but a too independent path would only add to existing tension in The Republic of Terra.  A solution she was still working on to ensure beyond the removal of a threat to her people, the blood shed was worth it if they were to take brunt of it.   She had been thinking for too long and room grew too quiet for her. 

"That was much to consider Lord and Master, pardon my rudeness to keep you waiting as I mulled it over" said Soledad.
Soledad lips pressed into a smile and she faced Landon.  She rose from her seat and sat herself on the table to the side of him, crossing her legs.  "Since Sevvania doesn't appear to be willing to directly join the conflict according to your words then I agree to your proposal to send a joint envoy to Sevvania to see what if any aid we can get from them in the conflict.  I'm afraid I don't know much about Sevvania  and it's trustworthiness.  We've never formally interacted with any Sevvanian official. That being said whether it be volunteers, equipment or outright support, anything would be better than the current status of nothing.   Since I am leaving it to the Fates to decide and your word, shall we place a small bet on this Landon. It would be a simple bet really.   If they send anything then you win and if they don't then I win".   She giggled and placed a finger to his chin.   "We can work out what the winner gets later.  That is if you are a betting man Lord Protector".  She flashed him another smile and a wink. Soledad returned to her seat at the golden chair at the head of the table and called her feline servant over and whispered for her to bring her another glass of wine and to bring the secure line to the forward command and get the other to Königsberg.   All the meanwhile curious to see if Landon had enough trust in his allies and his word to take her little playful bet.   
14  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: October 16, 2017, 04:26:52 AM
Soledad smiled at his heartfelt words.   There was a sincerity that wasn't common with some Nobility and the Burghers.  "Of course we are glad we could be of assistance in stopping the invasion of your homeland.   Our people learned the hard way about the necessity of unity and sticking together when faced with a threat from abroad that threatens your very way of life, and do not wish others the same fate of falling to said invaders".    The Empress cleared her throat.   "However we aren't done, the threat is still out there.  We can not allow them to recuperate from this attack and be able to launch another one that threatens anyone" said Soledad.    She stared at the map at the table.   "It's why I am calling upon the Sea Lords of Laranja (this is the part of Tyrene next to Demeter), and a contingent of Elven Rangers  to join the Army of Urakard, and the Imperial Army already in the Orient.  Who I will be formally leading into battle against the kommunist threat".    

Soledad stared at the map it.   Right now it only consisted of Soviet, Soll'rah, and Tyrenan troops, in addition to small unorganized pockets of resistance fighters in the Orient.  While there was a language gap, reports were that some of the local populace was willing to fight to free their countries.   The extra manpower was appreciated however such a liberation movement would directly occupying the parts Tyrenan troops marched through and held would be met with similar resistance and they wouldn't want a prolonged fight against the very people they armed.    It seemed rather than full on occupation and annexation, it would have to project its power in the region with proxy states, and puppet governments led by these very rebels ideally.   It would be a delicate act, and if it failed it might plunge the very region into another bloody conflict.  There were certain parties who wouldn't rest until Tyrene would gets plunder and place in the sun for the Tyrenan Blood shed, and some thought too much Tyrenan Blood was being shed for the Soll-Humensch with little guarantees.   While she just brought up involving more troops to help, she would have to delicately bring up the matter of compensation for their assistance in this conflict.                

"We hope we can continue to count on your nations support, and perhaps using its ties to have some of the nations that came to your aid resume their commitments  to your nation and have them join into this counter offensive we started to relieve pressure from their assault on your country".      
15  Role Play / The East / Re: The Royal Visit on: October 08, 2017, 07:04:03 PM
"Thank you sir" said Soledad as she took Landon's arm.  It was different than his other one.  She hadn't noticed this before.   It didn't look sewn on, like more depraved individuals in her country would do to gain access to someone else's magic that came from the arm or better magic circuits. She would have to ask why, after she figured out a polite reason to do so.  Soledad reflexively adjusted her glamor so her own claws were visible.   If he had claws then her own should fine to show without any fear.   With his assistance Soledad stepped down from the aircraft but she didn't let go of his arm.  Instead she started to walk and lead him along the marble tiles of the courtyard.  The honor guard following her as she walked. A part of her wished that she would be escorted by her Knights but they were all preoccupied with the war. 

"This is the Palace of the White Rose.  This is one of the palace's I own. Though I've had this since I was the Crown Princess of Urakard.  It was a gift from my use to belong to her family.   It's usually where I go in the summer when time permits, I have always been fond of this palace" explained Soledad. Her voice full of nostalgia and a hint of melancholy.  "There isn't much around as you probably saw on the flight in, meaning it is nice and peaceful here.  A colony of Mer like to visit every Summer, I remember begging to come here when I was a little girl so I could play with them in the ocean". 

Soledad lead him into the marble palace.   The floors were colored tiles arranged into flowered patterns.    They stopped in a small room, where the advisors to the Duke or Duchess would meet with each other and their lord/lady to discuss the realm.     On the wooden table was a jug of wine from the region and a map of the Orient with markers where both countries known operations were taking place.    One of the goals of the visit was to ensure continued cooperation in the region and to already begin preliminary discussions on what to do with the lands they were liberating.
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